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October 11, 2011

Dear friend of Taylor,

Taylor is inviting all former students, staff and faculty to an Alumni Reception in Winnipeg this weekend. This is an opportunity to reunite with old friends and classmates, and to hear an update on Taylor from President David Williams. There will also be a chance to hear more about a new Manitoba & area chapter of the Taylor Alumni Association.

Hopefully you already know about it and are able to come but if you need to know more, here are the basics:
WHAT: Alumni Reception - open to alumni of Taylor/NABC/EBS/CTI and their spouses
WHERE: Rowandale Baptist Church (162 Rowandale Avenue, Winnipeg MB)
WHEN: Sunday, October 16 at 2:30 PM.

Recent Events
Taylor's 2nd annual onWORD Conference was outstanding, with nine great speakers and lots of good discussion. The only disappointment was low attendance, which was likely due to a misunderstanding of the topic ("The Day Metallica Came to Church"). We heard from some people who thought it was wrong to present a heavy metal band as an instrument of God's truth, but those who were here were able to clearly hear Pastor John van Sloten's understanding of a God whose truth is on display in all of creation. He showed how listening for God's truth in all that He has made actually forces us to be more diligent students of the written Word and helps us be more faithful followers of the incarnate Word. We are looking ahead to next year's conWORD Conference, and welcome any thoughts you have on the topics and speakers that would interest you.

The Church Planting Seminar at Taylor Seminary last month was amazing. There are some remarkable new churches taking shape in the greater Edmonton area, and it was great to have about 20 students together, hearing directly from these innovative, risk-taking church planters from various denominations. It’s exciting that there is so much interest in helping the church grow in new ways!

Upcoming Events
Next week, the E P Wahl Centre is back on the road, offering training events in Winnipeg and Calgary. We are also hosting an Alumni Reception in Winnipeg this Sunday -- check out this list of events, and join us if
you can.

Tonight: Our current onWORD series "How to Have Spiritual Conversations" wraps up (led by Dr. Joyce Bellous)
October 13-14: Taylor Board of Trustees Fall Meetings
October 14-15: Taylor Student-Faculty Retreat
October 16: Taylor Alumni Get-Together -- Winnipeg, MB
October 17: CAPS Winnipeg (a symposium for Church Administrative Professionals)
October 18: new onWORD Series begins, "Missional Spirituality" (featuring Roger Helland)
October 19: CAPS Calgary (a symposium for Church Administrative Professionals)
December 3, 4: Taylor Community Choir Advent Concert

Seminary Update
Our enrollment this fall is up again over last year, and we continue to see a rising number of inquiries from
students interested in beginning their studies in the Winter Semester (starts January 17th). There are some
upcoming modular courses to be aware of, especially for working students who love to complete a full
course in a one week or a multi-weekend format.

Call Enrollment Services to learn more about these modular courses:

PW 431 Introduction to Preaching (Dr. Lyle Buyer)
Oct. 24-28, 2011

PC 531 Essentials of Pastoral Care (Len Thompson)
January Intersession

PW 631 Christian Worship (Dr. Allan Effa)
January Intersession

BI 510 A Biblical Theology of the Love of God (Dr. Jerry Shepherd)
Jan 20-21; Feb 24-25; Mar 16-17

TH 531 Christian Worldview (Dr. Randal Rauser) *taught at Grande Prairie
Jan 20-21, Mar 2-3, April 6-7, 2012

TH 526 Christian Ethics (Dr. David Williams
April 30 - May 4, 2012

PT 540 Spiritual Formation (Dr. Allan Effa) *taught at Gull Lake
May 6-10, 2012

Want to Read More?
You may be interested to know that we have begun posting Taylor news releases, articles, ads and other
communication pieces online. View the Taylor Media Archive here.

One More Thing
Did you know that Taylor serves students from many different denominational backgrounds? Although
historically associated with the North American Baptist Conference, we have had students from dozens of
denominations. Baptist, Alliance, Anglican, Lutheran, E-Free, Nazarene, Mennonite Brethren, Pentecostal,
Christian Reformed– and everything in between… students looking for an evangelical, academically strong
program have come to Taylor.

Many students are enrolling in our new 77-hour Master of Divinity program; we also offer master’s level
programs in intercultural studies and theological studies, and there are shorter diploma and certificate
programs. Or simply come and take the courses that interest you.

“The Taylor difference makes a big difference.” Come and see how Taylor serves the local church by
equipping and training men and women for more effective service.

For those on our mailing list, please watch for a letter from President Dr. David Williams; it offers an update
of Taylor's progress as we re-tool to better meet the educational needs of the church. It also offers a
reminder that Taylor relies on your financial support for this ministry.

Thanks for your continued interest in Taylor! As always, please be in touch if there is any way we can be of

Tim Willson
For the team at Taylor
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