You are invited to listen to an audio recording of “God in the Modern World” the recent Crucial Conversations event co-presented by the E P Wahl Centre at Taylor and the Society of Edmonton Atheists (SEA).

This event featured two experienced debaters with very different viewpoints, who have become friends and co-authors in recent months. Christian theologian Dr. Randal Rauser, a professor at Taylor Seminary, was in discussion with Justin Schieber, an American author and speaker who is an apologist for atheism. Following a similar discussion at Taylor in 2015, Rauser and Schieber have continued to explore their differering viewpoints, and co-authored the recently-released book An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar (Prometheus Books, 2016).

The format of the evening included opening remarks, followed by further dialogue and followup questions between them. The final hour was given to questions from the audience.

You can listen to God in the Modern World by clicking here, and selecting this event from the list of available recordings.

This evening of discussion was part of an on-going series called Crucial Conversations, in which proponents of differing viewpoints are invited to explore them in a context that values substantive engagement and respectful discourse.