What is worship, and how does it work work?

Author and speaker Dr. James K.A. Smith of Calvin College will be on campus this Friday for the 29th Annual E.P. Wahl Lectures. Dr. Smith has been prompting a great deal of thought and discussion in recent years with his ground-breaking insights on worship and liturgy. Books like “Desiring the Kingdom” and “Thinking in Tongues” have been followed up with his newest: “Imagining the Kingdom.”

Already more than 100 people are signed up to join us on Friday, but we still have room and we urge you to join us for the 2014 Wahl Lectures.

Among the topics to be discussed are:

Lecture #1: We Are What We Love: Discipling Desire

Lecture #2:  Lovers in a Dangerous Time: On “Secular” Liturgies

Lecture #3: Restor(y)ing the Imagination: Christian Worship as Re-narration

Lecture #4: The Secular is Haunted: Christian Proclamation as Postmodern Invitation

Join us for this outstanding day of lecture and discussion. You can read more and register online by clicking here.