The Board of Trustees of Taylor College and Seminary hold their regularly-scheduled semi-annual meetings this weekend. The major item on the agenda is a long-term strategic partner, one that will contribute to the long term financial stability of the institution.

Three institutions will make representations to the Board, expressing their strong interest in having Taylor as an educational partner: Ambrose Seminary (Calgary), Vanguard College (Edmonton), and ACTS Seminary (part of Trinity Western, Langley, BC).

In two cases, trustees will receive and consider a draft Memorandum of Understanding that could form the basis of a new relationship. Both Ambrose and Vanguard have negotiated terms of an arrangement that could serve Taylor well, sharing resources and personnel in the interests of stewardship and future impact. (ACTS and Taylor have not come to terms on an MOU, though encouraging discussions continue to take place.)
All three institutions will make presentations to the trustees, and these meetings are open to the public. You are most welcome to come and hear more about the new directions that may be opening up to Taylor as we continue to seek ways to become sustainable for the long-term, and to ensure effective service to the Kingdom.

SCHEDULE (partial list)
Friday, 6:00 PM Board Meeting begins (includes Ambrose MOU presentation)
Saturday, 8:00 AM Board Meetings resume (includes ACTS presentation)
9:00 AM Break
9:15 AM Vanguard MOU Presentation
At 2:15 PM. following an agenda filled with regular business, trustees are scheduled to discuss and come to some decisions regarding the three presentations.

It is worth noting that Taylor is financially strong and is NOT facing a crisis. The need for a strategic partner has become clear as the Board has evaluated the educational task to which we have been called, and considered the most effective use of our resources. The same is true for these other institutions, who see partnerships as a way to better serve the educational needs of the Church.

Please be in prayer with us as we discern God's leading in these matters.