Taylor is pleased to announce that several new people have joined our staff recently, replacing others who have left.

Su Jin Chong is the new Taylor Registrar, joining us on a part-time basis. Su Jin can be reached at schong@Taylor-Edu.ca.

Dr. Keir Hammer has accepted a part-time position as White Cross co-ordinator, and will be responsible to oversee the Canadian operations of this long-established relief organization. You can be in touch with Keir at WhiteCross@Taylor-Edu.ca.

Leslie Mahr has been appointed as the new director of the Conservatory of Music at Taylor. A violin and viola instructor at the Conservatory, and a substitute player with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Leslie also brings a wealth of administrative experience, having worked with other music organizations in the past. Leslie can be reached at info@TaylorMusic.ca.

Alex Muz is now serving Taylor with building maintenance and custodial responsibilities, including taking care of the many rental clients that use our facilities or live in residence. Alex is no stranger to Taylor, as he is married to long-time Taylor office manager Lori Muz.

These are all part-time positions, which helps Taylor financially, yet the contributions being made by these new staff are already significantly helpful. Welcome aboard!