The Wahl CeonWORDntre is pleased to have Dr. Syd Page lead a 4-week onWORD series titled Our Ancient Foe.

"There are three major roles attributed to the devil in scripture," says Dr. Page. "He appears as a tempter, a deceiver, and an afflicter. We will look at what the Bible says about each of these over the first three weeks. The series will conclude on a positive note, as we consider the biblical teaching concerning Satan’s defeat."

Anyone who has ever studied under Syd knkows that his reputation as gifted teacher and respected academic is well-deserved; everyone is welcome to join us for this insightful new series.

onWORD is a free, weekly journey through scripture; offered Tuesday evenings at 7 PM, onWORD features a variety of outstanding teachers and topics that are intended to help us read, know, understand and experience God's Word.