Taylor Seminary - Using Moodle

Instructions for Students

Taylor Seminary's Moodle site is https://moodle.sfseminary.edu/moodle

Once you go to our Moodle platform, click on "Login" and another page will appear. You will be able to Login by entering your username and password.

  • Your login is the first initial of your first name and your last name all in lowercase, with no spaces. For example, if your name is John Calvin, you would login as jcalvin.
  • Your initial password is: TaylorSem123$

When you login to Moodle for the first time it will require you to change the password. Your new password should include at least one capital letter, a numeric symbol and a non-numeric symbol.

If you're not able to login, try again: make sure to enter the correct username and password which is case-sensitive. If you cannot login, email gray@augie.edu to request a password reset. An e-mail message will be sent to the student once the account has been reset.

When you're finished using Moodle, you should log-out by clicking on "Logout" which is on the upper right hand side of the page.