Transferring to Taylor

Students who transfer from other reputably accredited graduate-level institutions may receive transfer credit for courses completed with a "C" standing or higher by submitting a completed Course Credit Transfer Request Form to the Registrar. Students who have taken an undergraduate course which parallels a course required in their program may apply to the Registrar by submitting a completed Course Waiver Request Form. If a course is waived, it must be replaced by another course in the same division or as specified by the Registrar.

Normally, transfer credit or waivers for course work that are more than 10 years old will not be accepted for the MDIV and MA programs however, appeals will be considered based on a minimum grade of B in the course(s) in question.

The amount of credit given is based on the suitability of the courses taken to the requirements of the Taylor Seminary program. All program students must fulfill the residency requirement of completing at least 26 credit hours on the Taylor Seminary campus in order to be eligible for graduation. Transfer of credit is not given for undergraduate courses.

For more information, contact the Registrar:

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