Master of Theological Studies (Two-Year)

Program Description
Program Objectives

Course Requirements

Program Description
This two-year program of biblical and theological studies is tailored to students who are interested in bringing to bear the deep resources of the Christian tradition to a broad range of intellectual, spiritual, and/or cultural concerns. This program provides students with a set of skills for biblical understanding and theological reflection, as well as personal and spiritual transformation to meet the theological challenges of a variety of contexts including the local church, parachurch ministry, and the circumstances of daily life. This program may be focused in such a way as to help students have the appropriate graduate theological background needed for entry into more advanced levels of theological studies.

On its own, the MTS degree may not fulfill the requirements considered to be necessary for ordination.

Program Objectives
Graduation from this program should enable the student to demonstrate:

1. An ability to interpret scripture in a credible and appropriate manner.
2. An ability to think theologically for faithful engagement with church and world.
3. A commitment to developing and living out spiritual practices for lifelong transformation.
4. The ability to identify and achieve an objective relevant to the particular call, interest and/or need of the student.

Course Requirements
Bible   (12 credits)
BI 412      Biblical Hermeneutics   3

NT 416     New Testament Introduction   3
OT 417     Old Testament Introduction   3
OT or BI Elective     3

Church History and Theology   (12 credits)
TH 526      Christian Ethics   3
TH 531      Systematic Theology I   3
TH 532      Systematic Theology II   3
plus one of the following two courses:   3
   CH 420 Church History to 1500   3, or
   CH 422 Church History since 1500   3

Church Mission and Ministry   (6 credits)
MI 432      Integral Mission    3
plus one of the following two courses:   3
   PT 540  Spiritual Formation    3
   WR 523 Christian Encounter with World Religions   3

Assessment Projects   (3 credits)
TS 601     Scripture Project 1     1
TS 602     Theology Project 2     1
TS 603     Spiritual Practices 3    1

Free Electives      15

Total Credits      48