Master of Divinity

Program Description
Program Objectives
Course Requirements

Program Description

The Master of Divinity program offers flexibility in course selection for those who are preparing for a form of Christian ministry. This program is intended for those who expect to be involved in staff positions in churches or in para-church ministries. Taylor now offers a 77-hour MDiv program, which focuses on essential ministry preparation and spiritual formation. This program is intended to serve students by reducing the time and cost involved in getting their degree.

Program Objectives

Graduation from this program should enable the student to demonstrate:

1. The personal and spiritual maturity expected of a minister of the Gospel and a commitment to ongoing growth.
2. A broad knowledge of the Bible and theology and the ability to apply this knowledge in a redemptive ministry in the church and the world.
3. Commitment to the church’s worldwide mission of gospel proclamation, discipleship, and social change.
4. Competence in the skills required for the teaching, preaching, worship, pastoral care, evangelistic, and administrative ministries of the church.
5. The ability to provide effective leadership for a congregation of believers.

Course Requirements

Bible   (18 credits)
    BI 412       Biblical Hermeneutics   3
    BI 514       Greek and Hebrew Tools   3
    NT 416      New Testament Introduction   3
    NT or BI     Elective    3
    OT 417      Old Testament Introduction   3
    OT or BI     Elective    3

Church History and Theology   (15 credits)
    CH 420       Church History to 1500   3
    CH 422       Church History since 1500   3
    TH 531       Systematic Theology I   3
    TH 532       Systematic Theology II   3
  plus one of the following three courses:   3
     TH 526      Christian Ethics  or
     TH 534      Christian Worldview  or
     TH 634      Christian Apologetics

Church Mission and Ministry   (38 credits)
    CE 532       Educational Task of the Church  3
    FE 442       Field Education Experience Unit 1  1
    FE 443       Field Education Experience Unit 2  1
    FE 444       Field Education Experience Unit 3  1
    FE 445       Field Education Experience Unit 4  1
    FE 446       Field Education Experience Unit 5  1
    MI 432       Integral Mission    3
    MI 545       Evangelism and Church Planting  3
    PC 431       Personal Development and Ministry  3
    PC 531       Essentials of Pastoral Care   3
    PL 633       Essentials of Christian Leadership  3
    PT 540       Spiritual Formation    3
    PW 431      Introduction to Preaching   3
    PW           Preaching Elective    3
    PW 631     Christian Worship    3
    WR 523     Christian Encounter with World Religions 3

Free Electives    6

Total Credits     77

* Baptist History & Thought is required of Baptist students only.