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Your journey through Taylor Seminary is first and foremost a journey of discipleship. You will be challenged to engage in your walk with Christ in new and exciting ways. You will be asked to consider how God might be asking you to share the redemptive message of the Gospel. If you feel called by God to participate in his kingdom mission, we encourage you to start a conversation with us or browse our offerings below.


MDiv - Master of Divinity

clouds cross dawn200wDeveloping followers of Christ who engage in various forms of ministry is the primary function of the Master of Divinity program. The context-based course of study prepares people for pastoral leadership and ordination in most denominations. Bible, theology, and ministry are at the core of the program. Students develop personal resources as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to become spiritual leaders. Graduates are equipped for a variety of pastoral ministries: chaplaincy, military chaplaincy, church planting, missions, youth ministry, and other church staff ministries as well as for participation in the kingdom mission. The program also prepares capable persons for doctoral studies.


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MTS - Master of Theological Studies

aerial bible200wThis two-year program of biblical and theological studies is designed for students who are interested in integrating the deep resources of the Christian tradition with a broad range of intellectual, spiritual, and/or cultural concerns. The MTS provides students with a set of skills for biblical understanding and theological reflection, as well as personal and spiritual transformation to meet the theological challenges of a variety of contexts including the local church, parachurch ministry, and the circumstances of daily life. This program may be focused in such a way as to help students have the appropriate graduate theological background needed for entry into more advanced levels of theological studies.


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MA - Christian Leadership

abstract sky200wThrough an innovative partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary, students at Taylor can pursue a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership. This program is designed for those seeking to serve the Mission of God through active involvement in local church, parachurch, nonprofit, or workplace ministry. The context-based, two-year course of study is designed to develop individuals for their unique ministry callings. It provides biblical, theological, and practical foundations for individuals desiring to enhance their ministry and is flexible enough to meet the developmental needs of a variety of objectives.


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Master of Arts (Bible and Theology)

abstract ripples200wThrough an innovative partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary, students at Taylor can pursue a Master of Arts in Bible and Theology. By focusing on the classic theological disciplines, the Master of Arts in Bible and Theology provides the opportunity for students to gain the knowledge and understanding necessary for faithful participation in God’s mission. In addition, it provides an expanded track for individuals who seek to teach or pursue advanced graduate study. The context-based, two-year degree program focuses on Bible, theology, and church history and provides students with flexibility to specialize in an area of interest. In addition to the expanded PhD preparation track, which consists of additional credit hours, an Intercultural Studies option is available for individuals serving as missionaries or those who have started the process of becoming missionaries.


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Doctor of Ministry

book heart200wThrough an innovative partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary, students at Taylor can pursue a Doctor of Ministry. The Doctor of Ministry is a practical, context-based professional degree program that enables individuals to reflect critically upon their vocations, engage in rigorous theological reflection and advanced learning experiences, and grow in ministry competence. The program is centered around a praxis model of theological reflection that stresses the continual interaction and interpretation of the biblical, theological, and cultural disciplines of inquiry along with the practical application of those disciplines in ministry.


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Graduate Certificate

abstract stones200wThe Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies is a 20 credit hour program. It offers opportunities for both personal and professional growth. With no specific course requirements, the program allows for maximum flexibility. Students can structure the Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies in a number of ways, including an intense year of theological study; continuing education in an area(s) of choice; or training for lay leaders, pastors, counselors, parish nurses, and others. The program can be completed through the use of online courses.


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Spiritual Direction Training

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The Training in Spiritual Direction program provides specialized training to individuals who “listen people to life” on their spiritual journeys. Those who complete the program receive a certificate.




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Kairos Project

Taylor and SF campus200wTaylor Seminary has a growing number of students who participate in theological education from a distance. This is due, in large part, to the Kairos Project. In Kairos, students walk alongside a mentor team and in community with fellow students. Their journey of theological education is integrated into the various aspects of their life (home, work, church, etc.), and learning is facilitated through contextually-integrated educational moments and adaptable assignments. As a result, the student’s context is an integral part of their journey and the way in which learning and development takes place.


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