EP Wahl Centre

Taylor Alumni are some of the most frequent and enthusiastic supporters of the EP Wahl Centre Programming. 

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Alumni Continuing Education

Alumni Benefits

All former Taylor students, including those from CTI, NABC, NABDS/EBS, TS, and/or TUC who have successfully completed 24 credit hours may audit up to, but no more than, 3 credits, tuitionfree.

Those who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree from Taylor/NABC may take up to, but no more than, 3 credits from Taylor Seminary for half the tuition rate.

Graduates from a Taylor Seminary degree program* may take up to, but no more than: - one 3 credit hour course for half the tuition rate, and/or - may take one 3 credit hour course for audit once per academic year at no cost (tuition and incidental fees will be waived).

*In this instance, “Taylor Seminary” includes the iterations of Taylor Seminary prior to 2002: North American Baptist Divinity School and Edmonton Baptist Seminary (NABDS/EBS).