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Taylor Seminary Chapel Services
Healthy Churches
Scholarship Recital 2016


Detailed Taylor Event Schedule:

June 1:
June 7:
June 10:
June 15:
June 17:
Sept. 1:
Sept. 2:
Sept. 5:
Sept. 6:
Sept. 16:
Oct. 19:
Oct. 21-22:
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Mar. 17:
May 30-June 2:


Deadline for Applications from INTERNATIONAL Students
Healthy Pastors - Building Healthy Church Staffs

Scholarship Recital
Deadline for Scholarship/Bursary Applications
Admissions BBQ
Student Orientation
Deadline for Registration
Labour Day (school Closed)
Classes Begin! Welcome Back Lunch (provided)
Add/Drop Deadline
CAPS (Church Administrative Professionals)
onWORD 2016 - "Keeping Company with God"
Overflow Worship Conference
Turbulence: Navigating Church Conflicts with Grace
Sabbatical Preparation Workshop
CAPS Lunch and Learn
E.P. Wahl Lectures, featuring Dr. Michael Gorman
THRiVE! 2017 (Camp Caroline)


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