Dr. Allan Effa

Allan-EffaDr. Allan Effa is the Ray and Edith DeNeui Professor of Intercultural Studies at Taylor Seminary. Dr. Effa has a heart for ministry, having served churches in North America as well as in Nigeria, where he served as a professor at Mambilla Baptist Theological Seminary. His teaching and research interests include mission, evangelism, anthropology, spiritual formation, and African theology. 

Dr. Effa and his wife, Karen, have two grown children, Carmyn and Corrie.

BAR - North American Baptist College, 1979
MDiv - North American Baptist Seminary, 1982
MTh - Fuller Theological Seminary, 1991
PhD - Fuller Theological Seminary, 1998

Ray and Edith DeNeui Professor of Intercultural Studies


Dr. Ralph Korner

Korner-smDr. Ralph Korner is Academic Dean of Taylor Seminary and is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies.

Dr. Korner received his PhD in 2014 from McMaster University, and holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Trinity Western. He is also an alumnus of Taylor ('82, BAR) and served as Campus Pastor at Taylor University College from 2000-2001 and 2002-2006; he also served as adjunct instructor for Taylor University College in NT from 2002-2007. Ralph also has 11 years of pastoral experience at two NAB churches in Edmonton.

Ralph's PhD program was focused on early Christianity and early Judaism, and his doctoral thesis explored the early use and meaning of Ekklesia ("assembly", usually translated "church in English New Testaments).


Dr. Randal Rauser

Randal RouserDr. Randal Rauser is Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary where he has taught since 2003. He is the author of several books including Is the Atheist my Neighbour? (Wipf and Stock, 2015), What on Earth do We Know About Heaven? (Baker, 2013), the bestseller Finding God in the Shack (Biblica, 2009), Theology in Search of Foundations (Oxford, 2009) and The Swedish Atheist, the Scuba Diver and Other Apologetic Rabbit Trails (InterVarsity, 2012).

Randal has also published many articles in leading academic journals like Philosophia Christi and Christian Scholar's Review. He blogs at randalrauser.com and lectures widely on Christian worldview and apologetics.




 Dr. David Williams

Dr. David WilliamsDr. David Williams is Professor of Theology and Ethics and President of Taylor Seminary (since 2008).

Dr. Williams earned a BA (Religious Studies) from Dallas Baptist College, then earned two degrees at Denver Seminary. He taught for 17 years at Colorado Christian University while earning two degrees from Drew University, including a PhD in Theological Ethics. It was during this time that a long collaboration and friendship began with Dr. John Franke and the late Dr. Stanley Grenz.

Dr. Williams was born in Sherman, Texas; he married Jeanne Louise (Adkins) in 1982, and they have two sons, Matthew and Andrew. The family moved to Edmonton in 2004 when David accepted a position as Academic Vice-President of Taylor University College. As a respected scholar and theologian, he is particularly interested in engaging the post-modern context, and is an outspoken advocate for social justice.



Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Ken BellousDr. Ken Bellous teaches pastoral care, usually co-teaching courses with his wife, Dr. Joyce Bellous. Ken has extensive ministry experience, including at the national level. ken@practisingcollaboration.com

Dr. Lyle BuyerDr. Lyle Buyer teaches homiletics at Taylor. An alumnus of Taylor (NABC/NABDS), he earned his DMin at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. Lyle is the long-serving Lead Pastor of McKernan Baptist Church near the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB. lyle@mckernanbaptist.ca

Joel DavidJoel David teaches in the area of biblical studies, specializing in New Testament. Joel’s international background in education and ministry gives him a valuable perspective that he brings to the classroom. He also provides writing and research training to Taylor students.  Joel.David@Taylor-Edu.ca

Terry-FossenDr. Terry Fossen has a passion for pastoral leadership and development. A pastor for many years, Terry is the Associate Regional Minister for the Alberta Baptist Association (NAB). Terry is also a former vice-president of Taylor, and has taught courses at the school for many years.  tfossen@nab.ca


Keir HammerDr. Keir Hammer is a New Testament scholar who teaches in the areas of world religions and biblical studies. He has been active in the church as well as the academy for most of his adult life; he also provides leadership to a humanitarian ministry called White Cross Canada.


RogerHellandDr. Roger Helland teaches in the area of pastoral care. He is an author, pastor and denominational leader with the Baptist General Conference.  rogerbhelland@gmail.com


Vinod John Dr. Vinod John teaches courses on evangelism and anthropology. He is a pastor, church planter, professor and missiologist based in Edmonton, AB.  vinod.john@taylor-edu.ca


Christa Christa Eisbrenner teaches a course on Islam for Taylor. She has international experience in ministry, and earned her MA in Muslim Studies at Columbia International cresibrenner@gmail.com


Cam RoxburghDr. Cam Roxburgh teaches pastoral leadership and brings a wealth of insight and experience to his course. He is a pastor in Vancouver, and serves on the leadership of both Forge Canada as well as the North American Baptist Conference.  Cam.Roxburgh@ForgeCanada.ca


Cory SeibelDr. Cory Seibel teaches pastoral leadership and spiritual formation. He is a pastor in Edmonton, and has a special interest in intergenerational ministry, and is often asked to speak on this topic at conferences.  coryseibel@yahoo.com




As part of the educational partnership between Taylor Seminary and Sioux Falls Seminary for the provision of online courses, SFS faculty function in an Affiliate Faculty role for Taylor Seminary.

Larry Caldwell
Professor of Intercultural Studies

Douglas Anderson
Professor of Counseling

Chris Croghan
Assistant Professor

Gretchen Hartmann
Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Jennifer Helkenn
Assistant Professor of Counseling

Paul Rainbow
Professor of New Testament

Susan Reese
Professor of Spiritual Formation

Gary Strickland
Professor of Pastoral Care

Philip Thompson
Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Heritage