Serving those in ministry is at the heart of the Healthy Pastors Initiative. Creating a community of care for fellow pastors, for discussion, prayer and peer support is another vital purpose for this initiative.

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My Notes


• Subscribe (Notification by email of new posts)
• Unsubscribe
• Make sure confirmation is sent and received when subscribe to blog
• See if we can make the from email
• Default folder for blog images and category
• When the users login to /newblog it throws them to front page. We need to have it stay on quick post or do it another way
• Photo for blogs not showing up or preview
• What does “Title” mean under quick post for the photo?
• Can we get a default category for author?
• Why do photos show up when they are not there
• Can we get it never to go to Front page
• Look into Team blogs
• Front-page url needs to go away
• Look at easyblog editor – do we make it simpler , probably not
• Make a clear file path for them to find images – where does “Media” store images
o Hpiblogphotos
o Hcblogphotos
o Maybe add 01 to put them at the top

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