Supporting Taylor

For over 75 years, this institution has relied on the faithful and generous support of many individuals, families and churches as it seeks to fulfill its mission. Now, more than ever, Taylor welcomes your continued partnership in the mission to which we have been called.

Taylor College and Seminary is a registered charitable organization in both Canada (11905-8907-RR0001) and in the United States of America (EIN-30-0193723), and tax-deductible receipts are issued for gifts received.

You can support Taylor in several key ways:

  • by continuing to pray for Taylor, including for our students and our alumni
  • by recommending Taylor to prospective students looking to study in an environment that is academically strong and which values spiritual formation
  • by encouraging your church to include Taylor on the list of organizations that receive budgeted support
  • by making a financial donation to the school using one of the methods below:

PHONE: Call us at 780-431-5208 or 1-800-567-4988 Toll Free (Canada only) to make a donation using a credit card

MAIL: You can send a donation to Taylor College and Seminary 11525 - 23 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 4T3

AUTOMATED WITHDRAWALS/PAYMENTS: It's easy to set up an automatic monthly payment to Taylor from your account or credit card. Simply fill out this form and return it to us (with a VOID cheque or with credit card information). Convenient and cost-effective, this method of pledging a small amount every month is easy on your budget and adds up to a sizeable gift amount (with a tax receipt!) at the end of the year.

CREDIT CARD payments can be made by phone at 780-431-5208 or 1-800-567-4988 Toll Free (Canada only), or by mail (using the form here).

ONLINE: by clicking the blue button link below (clicking "Secure Online Giving" will take you to a dedicated web page at "Canada Helps," which is a Canadian charity that provides online fund-raising solutions to other non-profit groups).

SECURITIES: As gifts to Taylor, publicly traded securities are ideal and also confer excellent tax advantages to the donor in both Canada and the United States. Your gift is receipted at the closing market value of the securities on the date of the ownership transfer is completed. Current income tax rules provide for very favorable tax treatment of capital gains on securities donated to charities. For more details on the tax treatment of gifts of negotiable securities, contact the Development Office at 1-800-567-4988 Toll Free (Canada only) or 431-5200 (local).

ESTATE PLANNING: We encourage you to include Taylor in your estate planning. To explore the options available for planned giving, we invite you to contact President David Williams at 780-431-5207 (

Specifically, you can discuss such options as:

♦ INSURANCE POLICIES: Make a significant and lasting gift to Taylor with a small cash investment: consider an insurance policy, naming the school as the beneficiary! Your gift could take the form of the transfer of ownership of an existing life policy or the purchase of a new policy. You can receive a tax receipt for all premium payments as well as for the value of the cash surrender at the time of transfer. At the time of your death, the proceeds of the life policy go to Taylor and the project or fund that you designated.  

BEQUESTS: Choose to include the school in your estate plans by making a specific bequest to Taylor. There are some excellent tax planning benefits available by making a bequest through your estate. This can take the form of a specified dollar amount or the bequest of specific assets, making a significant gift that serves as a legacy for you and your family.

CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES: Through the purchase of a charitable gift annuity, you can realize above market income returns over your lifetime, make a sizeable charitable gift, and receive favorable tax treatment on the income from the annuity. A gift annuity is a financial agreement in which you make an irrevocable gift to Taylor and for which you receive a guaranteed income for life.

Spending of funds is confined to programs and projects approved by the organization. Should a donor choose to restrict a contribution for use in a particular program or project, we will honour that restriction, with the understanding that, when the need for such a program or project has been met or cannot be completed for any reason as determined by the organization, the remaining restricted contributions will be used where most needed.


You can make an immediate online contribution to Taylor College and Seminary by using the button link to the left or the convenient form above. You will be taken to the dedicated, secure Taylor page at, a trusted partner of many charities in Canada. is itself a charitable organization, and processes over $40-million every year for registered Canadian non-profit agencies.

Give with confidence - simply and securely! Thank you for your generosity.

Taylor College and Seminary is a registered charitable organization in both Canada (11905-8907-RR0001) and in the United States of America (EIN-30-0193723), and tax-deductible receipts are issued for gifts received.