Mobilize (Emerging Leaders Workshop)

Mobilize The information-rich workshop, filled with high-level presenters, is a crash course in organizational leadership, and answers the need among our churches to help develop a new generation of qualified leaders. (Read below for information on a special offer for multiple registrations from your church.)


Sat Nov 25, 2017
9:00 am -  3:30 pm
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Mobilize $ 75.00

Event description:

Do you know who your church’s future leaders are?

The church needs leaders. Leaders who are engaged in the life of the church and who are equipped to handle the challenges and complexities of church leadership in all its dimensions. Mobilize will prepare emerging leaders for service on church leadership boards. It will also increase the knowledge and understanding of those who work with boards.

The Schedule:

9:05 Leadership Boards 101 (Gregg Becker)

9:55 Five Things: Churches, Constitutions and CRA (Jim Leverette)

10:10 Let’s Talk Money (Jeremy Fuellbrandt)

11:00 Risky Business (Ken Bellous)

11:35 Five Things: Meetings that Matter (Heather Breitkreuz)

11:45 Where Three or More are Gathered… Decision Making that Builds Unity (Corey Anderson)

12:15 Lunch

1:00 A Leader’s Journey: From Church Board to Parliament (Rob Merrifield)

1:35 Five Things: Sharing the Vision (Carol Potratz)

2:15 Board as Boss (Daniel Watson)

3:00 Now What? (Wendy Lowe)

3:30 Dismissal


If sending two or more people from your church, contact Heather Breitkreuz (780-431-5774) to add a complimentary third registration -- a great way to encourage a current member of your leadership team to join your prospective, future or emerging leaders.



Leadership Boards 101 – Gregg Becker

What is a board and why do most churches use some type of board model as their leadership model? In this session Gregg will provide an overview of what a board is, what its role is in the church, and unpack whether the board’s role is business or spiritual leadership… or something more.

Gregg Becker is a partner with Predictable Futures Inc., where he loves working with family businesses to plan their best future. Gregg has held a variety of executive leadership roles and has worked extensively in the area of boards and organizational governance. He is a certified member of the Institute of Corporate Directors, and has sat on several for profit and not for profit boards, including his church board, and is currently Chair of the Taylor board. He attends Greenfield Baptist Church.

Five Things: Churches, Constitutions and CRA – Dr. Jim Leverette

Among many other identities, churches are not-for-profit organizations that need to abide by provincial and federal legislation. This session looks at the top five things every church board member needs to know about the legalities of operating in Canada.

Dr. Jim Leverette loves policy governance! Having sat on both sides of the table, both as a board member and in the pastor/executive role, he understands how important policy is to bring clarity and to guide in good decision making. As the Regional Minister of the Alberta Baptist Association he shares his knowledge widely as he frequently consults with churches on their constitutions and policy manuals.

Let’s Talk Money – Jeremy Fuellbrandt

Budgets, financial statements, donor receipts, CRA, treasurers, taxes, capital campaigns, lions and tigers and bears, oh my! But wait - church finances do not have to be intimidating. This session will explain what the role of the board is in church finances and help you overcome any anxieties you have.

Jeremy Fuellbrandt is a Chartered Professional Accountant, is serving as treasurer for his church Zion Baptist Community Church, and did so during a capital campaign and the subsequent build. He is now serving on the Taylor Seminary Board.

Risky Business – Ken Bellous

Being on a board is risky business! You will never think of boards as boring again when you understand the role the board plays in scouting the land and weighing the potential risks and threats, all while aiming the organization toward its desired future.

Ken Bellous is experienced in leading people and organizations. He has expertise in resolving a wide variety of conflict, leadership, and organizational issues. He teaches conflict management strategies, assesses governance frameworks and facilitates team-building skills. As a consultant with Practising Collaboration, Ken uses all his experience to advise other leaders and organizations as they scout out their future lands. 

Five Things: Meetings Matter – Heather Breitkreuz

Meetings can be like vampires – they can suck the life right out of us! Okay, maybe not quite, but they do take up a lot of time, energy and money. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The top five things you need to know about how to make your meetings matter.

Heather Breitkreuz has a whole new respect for a well-run meeting after her time as board chair of Camp Caroline. When she’s not dreaming of chairing the perfect board meeting, she works at the Wahl Centre in Program Development.

Where Three or More are Gathered - Decision Making that Builds Unity – Corey Anderson

Church boards can only lead a unified congregation when they themselves are unified. But with multiple voices, perspectives and opinions around the table, can we ever all agree? Corey will walk us through how boards make decisions in a way that builds unity.

Corey Anderson, who is a former pastor and current board chair, understands the importance of building unity around the church board table. He is a Registered Family Mediator with Fairway Divorce Solutions®, certified in the Fairway Independently Negotiated Resolution™ and the Fairway Mediation Process. Corey is passionate about his work, and loves doing work that really matters.

A Leader’s Journey: Alberta to Ottawa – Rob Merrifield

We are all called to serve in our own church context, but how can we know when our call is to step out and serve our community, province or even our country? Rob will share his experience in answering God’s call which took him from Whitecourt to Ottawa.

Rob Merrifield represented the riding of Yellowhead for 14 years as its Member of Parliament. Upon leaving Ottawa, he served as Alberta’s envoy in Washington. His road to Ottawa began on his family farm and in serving in his home church, Whitecourt Baptist, and included terms as chair and elected board member of the Whitecourt School District Board of Trustees, chair and vice of the Whitecourt/Fox Creek Hospital Board, member of the Aspen Regional Health Authority, member of the Northern Gateway Regional Division School Authority, and elected member of the Woodland County Council.

Five Things: Sharing the Vision – Carol Potratz

You can’t lead if you aren’t heard. Share your vision, get your message heard, and lead your church forward! The top five things you need to know about using good communication skills to share the vision.

From speaking to students at Taylor, to doing presentations at churches as a missionary from Japan, Carol Potratz knows how to get herself HEARD and have her message remembered! She is the Director of Supervised Ministry at Taylor Seminary.  

Board as Boss – Daniel Watson

While fulfilling all the other duties of a board, a board also fulfills the role of “boss” to the lead pastor/executive director The impact of the tone of this relationship can set the tone for the entire ministry, so it’s important to get it right. This session will look at some key aspects of this relationship, not the least of which is the importance of building trust, expressing mutual expectations and then following up on whether those expectations were met.

Daniel Watson loves performance reviews! He may also know a thing or two about being the “boss.” As CEO of Parks Canada, he is responsible to the Environment Minister for Canada’s 38 National Parks, 3 National Marine Conservation Areas, 171 National Historic Sites and 1 National Landmark, all of which are run by 4000 staff with a $500 million annual budget! But as impressive as that sounds, Daniel is still excited by the successes and development of individual employees as measured by their annual performance reviews.

Now What? – Wendy Lowe

So, you’ve sat through a whole day of sessions about church and ministry board governance, learned about the board’s role and responsibilities, heard stories of how others have answered the call… So, now what? Wendy will end our day by challenging us to get engaged and answer the call to shared leadership between board and staff.

Wendy Lowe is passionate about boards and about training churches, ministries and schools how to do board governance and do it WELL! Wendy has a wealth of board and leadership experience, and has chaired international boards, national boards and even her local church board. She is currently the board chair for the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, which represents over 3500 charities across Canada. She is the senior pastor at Next Community Church in St. Albert.



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