Flourish (Saskatchewan)

flourish145x105A one-day workshop promoting resilience and healthy ministry for pastors -- Don't miss it!


Fri Apr 13, 2018
9:00 am -  3:30 pm
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Flourish: Staying Healthy Amidst the Hazards of Pastoral Life

This one-day seminar will be A critical issue for pastors is sustaining personal and vocational health in the midst of the challenges of life and ministry. In response to this need, under the leadership of Sam Nikkel, the EP Wahl Centre has designed and launched the Healthy Pastors Initiative. 

Flourish is an entry-level conversation about resiliency awareness. It is the newest workshop from the Healthy Pastors Initiative and is being offered for the first time in Saskatchewan. This initiative is designed to foster a culture of resiliency and contribute to sustainable excellence in carrying out the practises of a pastoral calling.

This one-day seminar will be led by Darren Kanwischer and Sam Nikkel. It is intended as a sort of 'health check-up' - a review of the themes that the Healthy Pastors Initiative exists to address: spiritual, emotional and physical health, and resilience in ministry.

Healthy Pastors' Initiative LogoParticipants will be required to go online to StrengthsFinder and do the assessment (Cost $15 U.S.) and bring their StrengthsFinder profile to the seminar. (Go to GallupStrengthsCenter.com to purchase a code and complete the assessment.)

Special thanks to Springside Baptist Church which is hosting this event. Those in vocational ministry (and spouses) are welcome to attend.

The registration cost is just $65 (plus the StrengthsFinder cost) and includes a day-long workshop (including lunch) and resource materials.

  • DATE: Friday, April 13, 2018 | TIME: 9 AM - 3:30 PM
  • COST: $65.00
  • LOCATION: Hosted by Springside Baptist Church (209 Patrick St, Springside, SK S0A 3V0)



Sam Nikkel - Flourish PresenterSam Nikkel - Flourish Presenter



Sam Nikkel has been in ministry for 40 years and has made pastoral resilience an area of special study in the past seven years, gathering resources and best practises. Sam will present two sessions; one on Hazards of Pastoral Ministry and the other on Principles of Renewal.

Darren Kanwischer is the owner of a fitness club, Fifth Avenue Club, in Calgary. Darren is passionate about leadership development and fitness. Darren is a Gallup-certified coach in StrengthsFinder, and coaches people in understanding their God-given design and strengths. Darren will help people understand their strengths using the StrengthsFinder profile in one session and will talk about fitness practises in his second session..