Living Generously

a why driven experience

October 4-5, 2013

livinggenerouslyLiving Generously is a conference for leaders and organizations, one that will equip steward leaders to live with impact. This transformative event will lay a new foundation for stewardship, one with important implications for all areas of life.

This event is ideal for leaders from churches and organizations to attend as a group, and pricing for this event, with the support of our partners, has allowed us to offer an exceptionally low registration rate -- plus, group discounts are available.

The Wahl Centre at Taylor is honored to present this important conference; we believe that this event will be deeply meaningful for every believer, every couple, every church member, every leader, every supporter of any cause.


Session #1 – The Journey

Understanding and mapping the steward’s journey is the foundation of every area of life of the Steward Leader.

Session #2 – Heart of the Sower - Faith and Impact
Our transformation from harvester to sower will have life changing implications.

Session #3 – Getting Ready
We will unpack the areas of danger we face as we choose to be faithful as Steward Leaders.

Session #4 – Grace in Action
As faithful stewards lead, they are blessed with special gifts from God, but face new temptations. Disciplines for a life of joyful obedience are shared.

Session #5 – Being and Doing - Life Plan
A Steward Leader Life Plan is offered as a tool and guide for wherever you are called.


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 October 4-5, 2013
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (Friday, Oct 4)
        8:30 AM - 4:45 PM (Saturday, Oct 5)
Location: Terwillegar Community Church
          1751 Towne Centre Blvd, Edmonton, AB
Individual - $59.00
Groups (5+) - $49.00 per person

NOTE: Online registration for this event is now closed, but we will be pleased to register you at the door when you arrive.


Scott Rodin has been serving not-for-profits organizations for the past twenty-eight years. He is a partner and head of Strategic Alliances with Artios Partners, a training and resourcing organization equipping steward leaders for excellence in leadership.

Dr. Rodin is past president of the Christian Stewardship Association and was formerly the president of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He serves on the Boards of ChinaSource and the Evangelical Environmental Network.





Presented by the Wahl Centre at Taylor, in partnership with Terwillegar Community Church, the North American Baptist Foundation, the Alberta Baptist Association (ABA) and TPB Strategic Counsel.

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