2harps75thlogoThe Taylor Alumni Association is pleased to present Bronn & Katherine Alumni Association sm150Journey in concert in May. In Calgary and Edmonton, these concerts will be followed by a reception hosted by the Taylor Alumni Association as part of Taylor's 75th Anniversary celebrations throughout 2015. Bronn Journey brings a warm and casual approach to the concert harp. He will be accompanied at times throughout the evening by his wife, vocalist Katherine Journey. Presented by the Taylor Alumni Association. A Taylor 75th Anniversary Event.

Artist Bio:

From the inspiring natural beauty of their Pacific Northwest home, the Journeys -- Bronn, Katherine and the harp -- bring music that is simply glorious! The harp is often called "the instrument of angels," and Bronn's amazing versatility and skill on this ancient instrument, along with Katherine's radiant voice, provide a foretaste of heaven.

Live, in CALGARY

May 22, 2015 | 7 PM


3512 Charleswood Dr NW, Calgary, AB

Admission by Donation (suggested $10)

Taylor Alumni Reception to Follow – Everyone is Welcome!

Additional Preformances on this tour:

Performing in Edmonton on May 23, 2015, Stencil Hall, Talyor Seminary, with a Taylor Alumni Reception to follow. (click here for more details on this Taylor Alumni Sponsored event )

Bronn Journey will also be performing in Three Hills during their Alberta visit. They will be at Bethel Evangelical Church (123 - 4th Ave S, Three Hills, AB) on May 24th. Everyone is welcome, and there is no admission charge.

the 2013 E.P. Wahl Lectures

“Seeing More Clearly, Responding More Effectively”

2013 Wahl LecturesIn this day-long lectureship, Dr. Reg Bibby of the University of Lethbridge will discuss his recent research and the subject of his newest book, A New Day, exploring the changing nature of religious life in Canada, and implications for church leaders.

Taylor is pleased to welcome Dr. Reg Bibby as our featured presenter for the E.P. Wahl Lectures, and he comes with the recommendation and encouragement of local pastors and denominational leaders.

For decades, church leaders, commentaters and fellow academics have been following Dr. Bibby's research with great interest. In addition to his expert analysis of Canadian attitudes and behaviours, Dr. Bibby has developed some practical responses for churches and church leaders to consider.

This is an opportunity to gain fresh insights and perspectives on the attitudes and trends shaping Canadian society, and the role of faith and the church among the teens and adults we seek to serve.


8:30 AM  Registration and Coffee
9:00 AM  Lecture #1: Reading the Times, Part 1 (plus Q&A)
10:15 AM  Refreshments
10:30 AM  Lecture #2:  Reading the Times, Part 2 (plus Q&A)
12:00 PM  Lunch – included with your paid registration
1:00 PM  Lecture #3: Some Key Implications for Ministry
2:30 PM  Refreshments
2:45 PM  Lecture #4: Toward Tangible Responses
4:30 PM  2013 E.P. Wahl Lectures Conclude


Dr. Reginald Wayne Bibby is a renowned Canadian sociologist, currently the Board of Governors Research Chair in the Department of Sociology at the University of Lethbridge; he has been conducting pioneering research and analysis into religious trends in Canada for over four decades. He is the author of numerous books and is frequently sought out as an expert by reporters and commentators.

Books by Dr. Reg Bibby
A New Day (2012); Beyond the Gods & Back (2011); The Emerging Millennials (2009); The Boomer Factor (2006); Restless Churches (2004); Restless Gods (2002); Canada’s Teens(2001); The Bibby Report (1995); There’s Got to Be More! (1995); Unknown Gods (1993); Teen Trends with Donald Posterski (1992); Mosaic Madness (1990); Fragmented Gods (1987);The Emerging Generation with Donald Posterski (1985).

Stonehill3Randy Stonehill (born March 12, 1952) is an American singer/songwriter from Stockton, California, best known as one of the so-called "fathers of contemporary Christian music." His music is primarily folk rock in the style of James Taylor, but he has assayed other styles, with various albums focused on new wave, pop rock, roots rock, and children's music. His live concerts, more so than most of his albums, have a strong comedic element in the manic vein of Robin Williams.

 Stonehill's first album, Born Twice was released in 1971, with financial help from Pat Boone. The album, primarily a live performance, was recorded for a mere $800, and according to Stonehill, it "sounds like every penny of it!" (Interviewer in 1994: "When will Born Twice be released on CD?" Stonehill: "When someone in charge makes a grave error in judgment." The album was released on CD in 2005.)

A year later, Stonehill made his film acting debut in The Blob sequel, Beware! The Blob (also known as Son of Blob), with Cindy Williams. Also that year, Stonehill, with Todd Fishkind and Keith Green, wrote Until Your Love Broke Through, which would be recorded by numerous artists over the years including Stonehill himself, Phil Keaggy, Russ Taff and others. He made a cameo appearance in the 1973 Billy Graham film Time to Run, performing his song I Love You.

In 1976, Stonehill released the Larry Norman produced Welcome to Paradise, with Andy Johns (The Who, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin) doing the engineering. This became a landmark album for the songwriter and was voted "3rd most important contemporary Christian album" in a mid-1980s poll of Christian music critics. Norman would also produce the followup, The Sky Is Falling, which would start a twenty year Stonehill tradition of recording two consecutive albums with any given producer. That tradition continued through two albums with Terry Scott Taylor (including the landmark, Equator), two albums with Barry Kaye, two albums with Dave Perkins, two albums with Mark Heard, and two more albums with Taylor until the routine was broken with 1995's Lazarus Heart.

 In the late 1970s, Stonehill would join forces with rock band Daniel Amos (also known as DA) for the Amos n' Randy Tour. DA would go on to be Randy's band for the next two releases, 1981's Between the Glory and the Flame and 1982's Equator. The latter album introduced Stonehill fans to the concert favorites Shut De Do and American Fast Food. Stonehill would later provide backing vocals on a number of DA's projects including Doppelganger and would join DA's lead singer, Terry Taylor, for a duet on his first solo project, Knowledge & Innocence, entitled A Song of Innocence.

Stonehill-61984's Celebrate This Heartbeat teamed Stonehill with longtime friend Phil Keaggy for the song Who Will Save The Children? The two would frequently tour together over the years, even forming The Keaggy/Stonehill Band in 1989 with Daniel Amos bassist Tim Chandler and Swirling Eddie's David Raven on drums. The tour was in support of Stonehill's Can't Buy A Miracle and Keaggy's all-star tribute to '60s rock and roll, Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child (which also featured Stonehill, Steve Taylor, Derri Daugherty, Mark Heard and others lending a hand). Keaggy and Stonehill would also team up with singer Margaret Becker, drummer Joe English, (former member of Paul McCartney and Wings) and others, in 1988 for the Compassion All Star Band's album One by One.

Stonehill followed Heartbeat with 1985's Love Beyond Reason, a pop-rock effort that teamed the artist with Amy Grant for the duet, I Could Never Say Goodbye. The album also contained Stonehill's own version of Your Love Broke Through. A video collection was also created for the album and released on VHS. A five song pop-rock EP entitled simply Stonehill was also recorded in 1984 with producer Kaye, with the intent of promoting Stonehill to the general music market, but very few copies were released. After a producer change to Dave Perkins, the next two albums The Wild Frontier (1986) and Can't Buy a Miracle (1988) featured a raw rock style similar to Bruce Springsteen.

Next, Stonehill recorded Return to Paradise in 1989, produced by Mark Heard. The title referred back to Stonehill's acclaimed Welcome To Paradise album, which ostensibly put him on the map as a Christian artist. Return to Paradise included Stonehill's cover of the Mark Heard song "Strong Hand of Love."

In 1990, in honor of Stonehill's 20th anniversary in the music business, friends gathered for a special concert celebration. Musical performances included appearances by Daniel Amos, Tom Howard, The Swirling Eddies, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and Russ Taff. Stonehill ended the night with a performance himself, which was filmed and released on the VHS-only One Night In 20 Years. In addition to the other performers listed above, the video also featured appearances by Pat Boone, Jerry Houser, Michele Pillar, Gary Chapman, Bryan Duncan and others, all recounting some of their favorite memories of Stonehill. That same year, Stonehill released Until We Have Wings, also produced by Mark Heard, an album that was split with half live material and half studio material. Likewise in 1990 Stonehill teamed up with Daniel Amos once again for an "Amos n' Randy" reuinion concert at Cornerstone 90. Stonehill closed the show by joining The Swirling Eddies onstage for some covers of The Beatles' I Want to Hold Your Hand, The Animals We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, and Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World.

For his next project, Stonehill chose to reunite once again with producer Terry Scott Taylor for the Wonderama concept album in 1991. Stories, a "best of" collection released in 1993, teamed Stonehill with the Lost Dogs for three new tracks.

In 1994, Stonehill teamed up with other artists to pay tribute to longtime friend Mark Heard who had died in 1992 after suffering a heart attack during a performance at the Cornerstone Festival. Stonehill contributed his rendition of Heard's Look Over Your Shoulder for the CD Strong Hand of Love (later reissued on the double disc collection, Orphans of God.)

In 1994, Stonehill started StreetLevel Records. The label released Julie Millers' Invisible Girl, and Stonehill's own Lazarus Heart. By 1998, StreetLevel Records had been shuttered, inaugurating a period of label-hopping. Thirst was released on Brentwood Records. In 2001, Stonehill released a children's record using the name Uncle Stonehill, entitled Uncle Stonehill's Hat on the Holy Sombrero label. Also that year, Stonehill embarked on the "Legends Tour", with Daniel Amos, The 77s and Sweet Comfort Band. During the tour's performance at Cornerstone '01, Stonehill was joined on stage by Larry Norman for the song Good News. 2002's Edge of the World (this time on Fair Oaks Records) followed, which brought together a number of musical friends including Phil Keaggy, Barry McGuire, Noel Paul Stookey, Love Song, Phil Madeira, Mike Roe, Russ Taff, and Sara Groves, and Larry Norman. This album marked the first time Stonehill and Norman appeared together on a recording since 1980's The Sky is Falling. In 2006, Keaggy and Stonehill released a live concert on DVD and CD in support of the Compassion International Christian relief agency with which both men had long been associated.

StonehillContender 1bIn 2006, Stonehill continued to record and tour around the world, primarily as a solo act with acoustic guitar. His sterling sense of humour comes through in his live performance as it does in studio recordings such as American Fastfood and Shut De Do. He also toured in Australia. That year Randy was encouraged by Phil Keaggy to team up with Phil's childhood friend Mike Pachelli and formed Stonechelli Productions. They work out of Mike's Los Angeles based recording studio, Fullblast Recordings, producing like-minded artists from around the world.

 In 2007, Randy Stonehill was involved in a number of different projects. Perhaps the most eventful was the return after more than 20 years of a band to back up Randy at select dates. The Randy Stonehill Band consisted of Mike Pachelli (lead guitar), Ronnie Ciago (drummer), and Baba Elefante (bass guitar). Randy and Mike Pachelli also toured frequently in a duet setting. Stonehill also spent time writing country music with a number of veteran songwriters in Nashville, including the Warren Brothers.

In 2008 Stonehill completed, "Paradise Sky", a re-make of eleven of his classic songs from the 70s that were used in the film Fallen Angel: The Outlaw Larry Norman directed by David Di Sabatino.

 Stonehill finished an album with Phil Keaggy titled "Mystery Highway" that was released in June, 2009.

Stonehill_SpiritWalkUPDATE: Randy Stonehill recently returned to the studio to record his 23rd studio album, Spirit Walk. His performance at Taylor College and Seminary (Edmonton, AB) on September 24, 2011 marks the beginning of a world tour in support of this new independant recording.

During his weekend in Edmonton, Randy will also lead worship at the 2nd Annual onWORD Conference, and will lead a workshop that will explore the role scripture has played in his vocation as a singer/songwriter and in his career. You can read more about the onWORD Conference here.

Pastoral Care Visitor Training -- Core Training Courses

Offered by the Alberta Pastoral Care Association through the E P Wahl Centre at Taylor


Register for these courses by clicking the TAYLOR EVENTS tab (under 'Events') above.

Develop your skills as a Pastoral Care Volunteer

Learn how to offer comfort and care as a pastoral care volunteer visitor to the sick, the shut-in and the elderly in health care facilities or at home.

What is the Pastoral Care Training Program?

The Pastoral Care Training program is an ecumenically-based program which provides a basic understanding of pastoral care given to hospital patients, continuing care and assisted living residents and community shut-ins.

Pastoral Care Visitors make present God’s love and the Church’s care by providing companionship, understanding, compassion and kindness.

The program is intended for those who may already be involved in this area of ministry but wish to upgrade or further develop their skills, and those who may want to get involved in pastoral care visitation in the future, including: 

  1. Lay ministers
  2. Eucharistic ministers
  3. Clergy/Diaconal
  4. Care-givers for family members
  5. Church leaders
  6. Hospital chaplains
  7. Professional healthcare workers

Who are the Instructors?

The training team consists of people who serve in vocational chaplaincy or pastoral care roles, and who have, collectively, decades of experience in serving the sick and elderly. These instructors offer compassionate care as part of larger ministries within the Christian pastoral care community.

Course Dates

This trainingis offered numerous times throughout the year, usually in a two-day format (2 Saturdays, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm); lunch will be provided for the full day courses. The course is also sometimes offered as a weeknight course over four weeks; check this site for details, or contact Taylor to inquire about upcoming dates.


In order to successfully complete the Pastoral Care Visitor Program, Catholic participants must also attend a 2-hour workshop on The Sacraments: Bringing Communion to the Sick.

This workshop (“Session 6”) will be offered three times during the 2010-11 instructional year at the Catholic Pastoral Centre, 8421 - 101 Avenue, Edmonton, AB (refreshments will be provided).

NOTE: There is no additional fee for this workshop; non-Catholic students are welcome to attend.

Program Outline

Session 1

The Ministry of Pastoral Care

What is Pastoral Care?

Basic Concepts

Guidelines for Pastoral Care

Session 2

Theology of Pastoral Care

Biblical Principles

Hospitality as Foundation

Pastoral Theology as Practice


Session 3

Active Listening and Effective Communication

Being a Compassionate Presence

Basic Listening Skills

Active Listening

Specific Listening Techniques

Session 4

Grief and Loss

Types of Loss

What is Grief?

Healing From Loss

Helping People Grieve

Session 5

Caring for the Care-giver

Self Awareness

Appropriate Boundaries

Spiritual Practices

Session 6

The Sacraments - Bringing Communion to the Sick

(This session is open to all, but has been designed for Catholic participants and is made available through the Edmonton Catholic Archdiocese.)

Additional Information

Applicants who successfully complete the Pastoral Care Visitor Training program will receive a certificate of completion and a one year paid membership in the Alberta Pastoral Care Association.

Registration Fee includes lunch (if a full-day course), refreshments and all course materials. 

About the Sponsoring Organizations

The Alberta Pastoral Care Association, through education, promotion and training of care-givers, provides for the spiritual well-being, support and visitation of persons in need.

The E P Wahl Centre, a ministry of Taylor College and Seminary, offers lifelong learning opportunities to meet the educational needs of the church, equipping the people of God for the mission of God.

The E P Wahl Centre at Taylor
11525 - 23 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB CANADA T6J 4T3
Toll Free: 1.800.567.4988 |   Phone: 780.431.5200

Contact us via email -- info@Taylor-Edu.ca

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