Taylor Seminary Syllabi for 

Fall 2015 and Winter 2016

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 Biblical Hermeneutics  BI 412 JS Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Greek and Hebrew Tools  BI 514 JS Online Online 3  Fall
Church History I  CH 420 RR Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Pentecostal History  CH 525 VanJ Mod/Hybrid Vanguard 3  Oct 19-23
 Pastoral Internships and FE
 442, 443, 444, 445446, IN 532 (SHORT), IN 532 (LONG)
 FE 442-446 CP Online Online 1  Fall
 MA Research Paper Proposal
 MA 651
AE Online  Online 1  Fall
 Evangelism & Church Planting   MI 545 AE Mod/Hybrid  Edmonton 3  Sept 29-Oct 1
 Applied Cultural Anthropology  MI 637A VJ Online  Online 3  Fall
 NT Introduction  NT 416 SP Online  Online 3  Winter
 The Book of Psalms  OT 611 JS Mod/Hybrid  Edmonton 3  Sept 28-Oct 2
 Personal Development & Ministry  PC 431 JB, KB
Semester  Taylor 3  Fall
 PR 442, 443, 444 and ICS  Internships  PR 442-444
AE Online  Online 1  Fall
 Intro. to Preaching
 PW 431 TBA
Semester  Taylor 3  Fall
Christian Worship  PW 631 RS
Semester  Taylor 3  Fall
Theology of Formation  SF 523 LT
Semester  Taylor 3  Fall
Systematic Theology
 TH 531 RR Semester  Taylor 3  Fall
Christian Apologetics  TH 634 RR   Semester  Taylor  Fall


 Note: January Intersession is considered to be part of the Fall Term for the purpose of calculating Financial  Aid eligibility.
 Intercultural Communication  MI 534 AE Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3  Jan 4-8
 Life of Christ   NT 612
RK Mod/Hybrid Taylor 3  Jan 11-15
 Theology of Justice 
 TH 543 DW Mod/Hybrid Taylor 3  Jan 11-15


 Biblical Theology of Atonement  BI 515 JS Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 The Educational Task of the Church  CE 532 JB Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 Church History II  CH 422 RR Online Online 3  Winter
 Internships 442-446  FE 442-446
CP Online Online 1  Winter
 Integral Mission  MI 432 AE Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 MA Research Paper  MA 653 AE Online Online 2  Winter
 Developing Christian Social Ministries  MI 540 JvB Semester Vanguard 3  Winter
 Gospel and Epistles of John  NT 519 KH Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 Old Testament Introduction  OT 417 JS Online Online 3  Winter
 Ezekiel  OT 417 JS Semester Semester 3  Winter
 Essentials of Pastoral Care  PC 531 LT Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 PR 442, 443, 444 and ICS  Internships  PR 442-444
AE Online Online 1  Winter
 Narrative Preaching  PW 639 TBA Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 Christian Ethics  TH 526 DW Online Online 3  Winter
 Systematic Theology II  TH 532 RR Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 Christian Worldview  TH 534 RR Online Online 3  Winter
 Understanding Islam  WR 640 CO Semester Taylor 3  Winter


 Note: Spring Session is considered to be part of the Winter Term for the purpose of calculating Financial Aid  eligibility.
 Essentials of Christian Leadership -  C1  PL 633 JL / TF Mod/Hybrid  Edmonton 3  May 9-13
 Spiritual Formation  PT 540 AE Mod/Hybrid  Gull Lake 3 May 15-19
 VTLI: TESOL Courses - TBA

AE - Dr. Allan Effa
CO - Christa Ohlmann
CP - Carol Potratz
DW - Dr. David Williams
JB - Dr. Joyce Bellous
JK - Jonathan Kienzler
JL - Dr. Jim Leverette
JS - Dr. Jerry Shepherd
JvB - Prof. Joanne van Beek
KB - Dr. Ken Bellous
KH - Dr. Keir Hammer
LB - Dr. Lyle Buyer
LT - Prof. Len Thompson
PC - Prof. Paul Chugg
RK - Dr. Ralph Korner
RR - Dr. Randal Rauser
RS - Rod Snaterse
SG - Prof. Sara Gnida
SP - Dr. Syd Page
TF - Dr. Terry Fossen
Van J. - Prof. Van Johnson
VJ - Vinod John 

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