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Worship Director,
Inglewood Christian Reform Church, Edmonton, AB

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Key Responsibilities:

1. The Worship Director will be familiar with developments in Christian liturgy and creative in giving leadership to the worship service. As the music component of worship is an important area in a congregation with a rich musical heritage and diverse traditions, the Worship Director will draw on resources from the past and the present in giving shape to the congregation's worship.

2. While the final responsibility for the liturgy for worship services resides with the Pastor, the Worship Director will initiate and coordinate all aspects of the liturgy, including prayers, readings, litanies, music, multimedia presentations, and song, in harmony with the sermon which remains the responsibility of the Pastor.

3. Taking direct responsibility for the music of worship, the Worship Director will encourage and make arrangements for musical ensembles, praise teams, choirs, and instrumentalists as well as manage congregational participation in worship service. It is therefore important that the Worship Director develop a cooperative relationship with members of the congregation who are participants in the worship service.

4. The Worship Director will develop the order of worship for each worship service and will meet weekly with the Pastor to finalize worship service plans.

5. The Worship Director will take on a personal role in the worship service, which may include participation in music, songs, prayers, and readings.

6. The Worship Director will be alert to opportunities to educate the congregation in matters of worship.

Qualifications for Employment

1. The Worship Director will be a disciple of Jesus Christ, have a passion for worship, have a working knowledge of the Bible and Christian theology, and possess a willingness to be involved in the life of the congregation.

2. The Worship Director will be able to articulate a vision for worship that contributes to the work of Inglewood CRC in "growing together as disciples of Jesus Christ."

3. The Worship Director will be conversant with the practice of Christian worship as understood within the Reformed tradition.

4. The Worship Director will be committed to understanding the character and history of Inglewood CRC.

5. The Worship Director will possess problem-solving skills that demonstrate respect, wisdom, patience, flexibility, and cooperation.

6. The Worship Director will have demonstrated ability in developing relationships with people that will encourage them to develop and use gifts that enhance worship.

Terms & Conditions of Employment:

1. Be proficient in music as evidenced by relevant educational degrees or work experience.

2. Be present for Sunday and special day worship services.

3. Be a professing member of Inglewood CRC or be open to becoming a professing member of Inglewood CRC.

4. Be a member of the Worship Committee and a member of the Ministry Team.

5. Be supervised and evaluated by the Pastor.

6. Be entitled to two weeks of paid vacation annually.

7. Will receive annual funds and time for professional development and for resources.

8. Salary will be reviewed annually with the Personnel Committee.


Worship Director salary is between $23,000 - $31,000, commensurate based on education and experience.


This is a half time position.

Posting Date:

This position was posted May 2014 and will remain open until filled by a suitable candidate.

Contact Information:

All interested parties should direct their applications and questions to the Search Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where someone will respond accordingly