Ministry Jobs BoardAssociate Pastor, Youth & Children's Ministries Bonnyville AB

Associate Pastor, Youth & Children's Ministries
Bonnyville Baptist Church, Bonnyville, AB


Primary Objectives:

  • To provide pastoral care to the youth and children in the church and community.
  • To provide leadership to the youth and children's ministries.
  • To assist the Senior Pastor as requested.

Authority: The Associate Pastor, Youth & Children's Ministries, receives his authority from the Senior Pastor.

Limitations: The Associate Pastor, Youth & Children's Ministries, without additional authority from the Senior Pastor, may not cause the Senior Pastor to be in violation of any of the limitations of his authority as set out in the Board's Governance Manual and Church Bylaws, or provide services to individuals and groups not included in this job description.

1. Pastoral Care: (Youth – 25% = average 10hrs/week, Children's Ministries – 15% = average 6 hrs./week)

  1. Oversee assimilation of new youth and children into the church.
  2. Disciple youth and children in their faith and to fulfill the Great Commission both within the church and the community through their participation in weekly events, Sunday School, special events and Camp Shekinah Teen camp;
  3. Serve as a confidant with the youth and children;
  4. Be available to the youth and children and their parents to counsel them through difficulties and encourage them when things are going well.
  5. Direct youth and children to appropriate counselling when necessary.
  6. Provide appropriate discipline and protect/admonish against self-destructive behaviours and ideas.
  7. Encourage youth to participate in the church ministry as a whole (e.g. worship, evangelism, care ministries, etc.);
  8. Serve as director for Camp Shekinah.

2. Administration: (20% - time allotment includes items #1-5 under 'Expectations' = average 8hrs/week)

  1. Recruit, organize, train, motivate and oversee volunteer youth and children's leaders to assist in:
  • Pastoral care to the youth and children of our church and community;
  • Publicity and communication of youth and children's events.

      b. Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of programs for youth and children on a regular basis to assess that they are achieving the desired goals.
      c.  Prepare an annual budget for youth and young children's ministries and personal development for submission to the Administration Team.
      d.  Ensure the church's Plan to Protect policy is being applied in the youth and children's ministries.
      e.  Organize the youth and children's ministries around the Simple Church concepts specifically moving participants through the 5 G's (grace, growth, groups, gifts, giving) in alignment with the church's vision, that is "The Cone" which moves youth and children from crowd to committed core (refer to the concentric circles visualized in "The Purpose Driven Church)."

3. Outreach & Connecting: (20% = average 8 hrs./week)

  1. Develop and implement strategies to reach youth and children in the community.
  2. Visit the high school campus regularly to connect with youth.
  3. Be involved in the church's Connecting Ministry with the primary responsibility being to try to involve new people in the youth and children's ministries. Secondary roles include:
  4. Read communication cards weekly, add information & check for anyone who falls under the youth or young adults ministries;
  5. Introduce yourself to new people, find out what you can about their spiritual status;
  6. Introduce them to others in the church and invite them to be part of the youth or children's ministries;
  7. Co-ordinating/communicating with other paid and volunteer senior staff to help the person(s) in their spiritual journey.

4. Filipino Ministries (to come later 10%)

  • To assist the Senior Pastor in planning strategies to reach the growing Filipino community.
  • To assist the Senior Pastor in building ministries in discipleing and ministering to the specific needs and concerns to the Filipino community.

1. Bonnyville Baptist is structured around the Relationship ModelTM as outlined in the Board's Governance Manual, Section A. In view of this, association with the Elders Board, Administration Team and Congregational Meeting is through the Senior Pastor.
2. This position requires a close working relationship with other church staff.

1. Meet regularly with youth and children's ministries volunteer leaders to plan and evaluate programs as well as to train, motivate and encourage them.
2. Meet monthly with the Senior Pastor to plan and pray. Provide monthly reports to the Senior Pastor on hours worked and progress on predetermined goals.
3. Attend staff and leadership team meetings and retreats.
4. Attend Camp Shekinah committee meetings to provide input into planning and evaluating our camp program.
5. Communicate where-abouts during office hours to administrative support staff and as support staff are available utilize their services to support the youth and children's ministries.
6. Dedicate time to personal spiritual development (e.g. spending time in Bible reading, prayer, and personal development through classes and/or seminars for youth leadership development).

If you have questions or want to apply for this position, contact:

Cheryl Burek
Regional Director's Administrative Assistant Fellowship Prairies Inc. Regional Office Benke Hall, 2nd Floor, Room B207/B208,
11525 23 Ave., Box #168,
Edmonton, Alberta T6J 4T3
T. (780) 451-4878 F. (780) 436-4871