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Lead Pastor

Camrose Church of God

Camrose, AB


Job Description:  Job Posting PDF | Job Description PDF

We are looking for someone who loves the Lord and who experiences a vibrant spirit led walk with Jesus. The Lead Pastor will provide strategic direction for church ministries in keeping with our stated purpose, vision and values. This position will provide leadership in the development of discipleship within the congregation and outreach to the community.

Our Purpose Statement: “With God’s help, we aspire to know, live and proclaim the good newsof Jesus Christ.”

Our Vision Statement: “We live to be transformed by Jesus Christ who makes our everyencounter count.”

Our Stated Values: Love, discernment, servanthood, gospel-based ministry, relationship, building community, as well as, developing and empowering leaders.

The Camrose Church of God is searching for a Lead Pastor who embraces the church’s purpose statement and priorities as the guiding principles of their role and responsibility.


  • Exemplifies a Christ centered life.
  • Spiritually disciplined and maintains a strong devotional life.
  • Credibly presents Christ to the congregation and community.
  • Personally aligns with Church of God (Anderson) theology.
  • Accountable, transparent and open to feedback.
  • Maintains a healthy level of spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being.
  • Adheres to high standards of performance and professional conduct.
  • Values being respectful, considerate, cooperative and collaborative.
  • Establishes and maintains healthy relationships.
  • Leads and participates as a team member with other staff and church leaders.
  • Models effective change management and conflict resolution principles.
  • Complies with safety, health, infection control regulations and practices.


  • Exhibits commitment to the leading of the Holy Spirit in their life and ministry.
  • Demonstrates experience and passion for discipleship initiatives.
  • Demonstrates, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrates a clear knowledge and understanding of scripture and is able to teach/mentor others.
  • Demonstrates the fruits of the spirit (Gal 5:22-23).
  • Demonstrates strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrates a strong Work life balance.
  • Demonstrates computer competency and digital literacy.


  • See Camrose Church of God Staff Policies and Guidelines


  • Minimum of a Bachelors in Theological studies but Masters level education is prefered.
  • Ideally 5-10 years experience as a leader in formal ministry.
  • Eligible for ordination with Canadian Church of God Ministries.


  • The Lead Pastor reports to the Leadership Team


  • Leadership Coaching and Responsibilities: 10%
    • Builds the staff team into a cohesive unit with shared purpose, vision and values.
      • Directs weekly staff meetings
      • Plans and coordinates annual staff retreats.
    • Holds responsibility for oversight of all ministry-related staff and volunteers.
    • Pursues and invests in ministry collaboration with staff and leadership.
    • Provides the Leadership Team with regular updates regarding ministry ofresponsibility.
  • Discipleship and Outreach Coaching: 40%
    • Develops a culture of discipleship within the congregation.
    • Implements an effective discipleship strategy.
    • Innovates a collective effort of outreach into the community of Camrose and area.
    • Provides oversight of all of the ministries and programs of the church inconsultation with staff, leadership team and volunteers.
  • Communication: 30%
    • Establishes annual preaching themes and schedules as the primary speaker.
    • Provides Biblical sermons in keeping with Church of God theology.
  • General Responsibilities: 20%
    • Provides pastoral care and spiritual support to members of the church.
    • Provides pastoral counseling as requested and as time allows.
    • Participates in the local Ministerial
    • Fosters a relationships with various community organizations
    • Participates in local community ministries, events and national/internationalmissions
    • Maintains a positive working relationship with Canadian Church of God Ministries
    • Other pastoral related duties as they arise.

Apply By Date: 31/03/2022


Contact Information


Phone: 7806723461

Address: 4722 55 St
Camrose, Alberta
T4V 2B6