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Senior Pastor

Carbon Valley Community Church

Carbon, Alberta

Job Description: Job Posting PDF | Pastor Profile PDF

Carbon Valley Community Church
Senior Pastor
(Half Time Position)

Half time shall be 20 hours/week, beyond time spent while participating during the Sunday morning worship services.


  1. To preach the majority of Sundays and to be responsible for arranging pulpit supply (in cooperation with the Elders). Sundays off include the agreed Sundays of vacation time plus one additional Sunday/quarter.
  2. To ensure teaching and equipping, with the goal of developing mature Christians.
  3. To provide input and coordination of worship services along with the worship leaders.
  4. To work with the church leadership, as a team, in developing objectives, plans and programs to fulfill the overall mission and vision of Carbon Valley Community Church.
  5. To attend business meetings (monthly Elder Board meetings and quarterly congregational meetings) and to report regularly to the Elders and the congregation
    at these meetings.
  6. To oversee and participate in the areas of pastoral care, counselling and visitation involving lay leadership as necessary. Visitation priority is to be given to those in the hospital and the elderly in care homes. High priority should also to be given to ministering to people from the community, who are not part of the church family.
  7. To develop relationships with the people of the community, to take part in community events and to be available to lead in community functions (eg. Remembrance Day Services) when the opportunities arise.
  8. To represent the church where pastoral representation is desirable (eg. NAB and ABA events, as well as other local ministerial events).
  9. To oversee the rites of the Christian church (eg. child dedications, baptisms, church memberships, weddings and funerals), involving lay leadership as necessary.
  10. To maintain regular, posted, office hours (suggested two times/week).
  11. To coordinate with lay people to assume responsibility for some administrative duties (eg. handling mail, printing bulletins, etc.), if desired.

* Due to the half-time limitations of this position, some adjustments to the above responsibilities may need to be made, in consultation with the church leadership.

Please send applications/resume to Bill Baldwin at

Apply By Date: 01/06/2022


Contact Information


Phone: 403-436-2002

Address: 414 Aberdeen Ave, Carbon, AB T0M 0L0