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Next Gen Pastor (Full Time)

Edmonton Christian Community Church

Edmonton, Alberta


Job Description: 

English; Cantonese or Mandarin considered an asset

This is a full-time pastoral leadership role that requires someone who has mature faith in Jesus Christ, a deep love for children and youth and a commitment to shepherding the faith of the next generation. As the Next Gen pastor, you will be reporting to the Senior Pastor, and also working collaboratively with the associate pastors and congregational pastors. You will lead the Next Gen steering committee, comprised of paid staff (Ministry Directors and Assistants) and volunteers (including Next Gen Deacons from Cantonese, Mandarin and English congregations), to implement the vision for the Next Gen ministry of our church. You must lead a life that is exemplary and above reproach according to Biblical Standards (as outlined in ECCC’s Constitution and Bylaws).

Overview of the Church’s History, Community, Next-Gen Vision and Mission

ECCC is a non-denominational evangelical Christian church, located in Edmonton, Canada,  established since 1983. In our 35+ years, we grew from a single Cantonese - speaking congregation to a multi-generational, multilingual and multi-congregational church with over 1100 attendees. Our Vision 2025 is: One Church for God’s glory through life-sharing discipleship.

Currently ECCC has dedicated directors who lead the children's ministry. However, as the church grew to have more than 400 Children and Youth under 18, whose parents are a part of Cantonese, Mandarin and English congregations, our ministries were reorganized and the vision renewed. The Children's ministry was amalgamated with youth ministries to form the new Next-Gen ministry to promote continuity of vision, mission and implementation of making disciples of our next generation. Our vision is to see the next generation grow strong in faith-- shining their light for God to their family, friends, and the world (Matt 5:14-16). Our mission is to partner with parents and church members to proclaim Christ to the next generation through church-wide intergenerational, purposeful discipleship and equipping ministries (Ps 78:4, 6-7) in order that they might believe, become and belong. 

We believe that the Bible teaches that the family is the primary context for discipling the next generation, and therefore the Next Gen pastor will not just shepherd children within our programs but play a role in shepherding parents and families. We hope to nurture a unified vision across all congregations for building homes where faith may thrive. However, we recognize the sacred secondary responsibility of the church in discipling the next generation. We encourage the ownership of and Spirit-empowered participation in this partnership of all members of ECCC.

ECCC also recognizes the need to grow in collaboration across ministries, congregations and generations. God would not desire that we make disciples “of all nations” while we lose our own children. Therefore, the Next Gen vision needs to be thoroughly a part of the implementation of every other part of the church’s wider vision because these two visions must be unified and synergistic. As we teach and model our faith for our neighbours (Mark 12:30-31) and the nations (Matt 28:18-20), our ministries will be augmented and validated by letting those discipled see the Spirit-filled, powerful, supernaturally-loving family life in our homes. And likewise, as we teach and model our faith for our children, our ministry to them will be augmented and even validated as not hypocrisy by letting them see us welcoming our neighbours and the nations into our homes and family life. If we do one without the other, we will severely weaken both discipleship relationships. 

We invite all interested candidates to apply for the position.

Role and Responsibilities

1. Provide leadership, vision, and spiritual direction for the Next Generation of ECCC:

  • Unite all leadership boards and congregations around a vision to nurture the next generation into committed disciples of Jesus. 

  • Guide recruitment of, mobilize and lead Next Gen ministry staff and lay leaders

  • Lead the Next-Gen Steering committee and build up staff and lay leaders in the Lord. 

  • Report directly to the Senior Pastor as this position is church-wide and cross congregations--actively engage pastoral team in Next Gen ministries. 

2. Preaching and Teaching of God’s word  

  • Preach and teach the word of God with sound doctrine and contextualize the gospel for the next generation across all congregations. The goal is to provide spiritual nourishment and challenge them to grow spiritually. It is to show our children the glory of God in scripture and train them to build a foundation for life by learning to engage with the Bible for themselves. It is to teach our children to allow scripture to transform them into men and women who are able to discern God’s will and who are ready for whatever calling God may have for their lives.

  • Guide our Next Gen to discover a biblical approach to relevant contemporary issues and grow in discernment of how to be set apart but yet lovingly interact with the world. 

  • Be involved in preaching to and teaching of parents and other adults regarding the biblical mandate to disciple the Next-Gen in the Lord. 

3. Next Gen Program

  • Create and oversee a Next Gen ministry where all involved may encounter God and be impacted by the Holy Spirit. The program needs to be in alignment with the overall vision and mission of ECCC.

  • Maintain a well-planned, carefully balanced program throughout the year coordinated with the church calendar of events.  

  • Foster open communication with parents/guardians and seek creative ways to partner with, equip and support parents and families

  • Provide opportunities for youth to live out their faith through service to others within the church and missional activities in the local community and beyond

  • Be a leader of leaders, primarily impacting a majority of the next-gen through creating a biblical culture of under-shepherding and discipling amongst the ministry team. 

  • Begin building community across generations and congregations to facilitate discipleship.

4. Pastoral Care 

  • Build relationships with our children and youth and take time to disciple more intimately those who seek to draw near to God.

  • Nurture the spiritual welfare of the Next Gen and their families in partnership with the pastoral team and lay leaders 

  • When appropriate, to provide pastoral care for individual members or families of the congregation

5. General Administrative Duties

  • Attend staff meetings and act as pastoral rep for Next Gen 

  • Assist with Sunday services when necessary

  • Lead/attend Children’s Ministry Steering Committee/Next Gen Steering Committee meetings and periodically attend Deacon board meetings


Mature faith in Jesus Christ, baptized and passionate for life-long discipleship and learning. 

  • Min. five years’ experience working in Next Gen ministry or equivalent, with a love for the next generation and a strong commitment to serve God in this role.

  • Leadership and Teamwork abilities to unify the inter-congregational Next-Gen Steering committee while accommodating the cultural differences.

  • An understanding of immigrant Cantonese and Mandarin cultures and Canadian-born Chinese cultures and strong communication skills to connect with people from all three. 

  • An understanding of Gen Y and Gen Z cultures and how to biblically counsel the needs/pressures of children and youth in North America.

  • A demonstrated spiritual giftedness in preaching and teaching the Word of God.

  • A demonstrated pattern of discipling and training children and youth.

  • A demonstrated pastoral, compassionate heart and strong interpersonal skills.

  • Energetic and innovative, responsible and motivated, resourceful and organized in ministry and leadership development. 

  • Educational Requirement: Graduated from an accredited evangelical seminary with at minimum an MDiv. or equivalent combination of education and significant work experience in children’s ministry. 

  • Family Ministries Diploma/Degree, Early Childhood Education Certificate, Bachelor of Education would be an asset. 

  • Acceptance of the ECCC’s Statement of Faith, committed to and compliant with its membership covenant and resonance with its vision and mission.

  • Computer skills (Google suites, social media, zoom)

Other Details

Terms of Employment: Full time

  • Reporting to: Senior Pastor

  • Compensation: Competitive Salary and Benefit Package (will be discussed at interview).

  • How to Apply: Send your resume to:

    • In your cover letter please tell us about your personal faith journey, your calling to ministry and your philosophy of children/youth ministries.

    • Applicants accepted for interview must provide an acceptable vulnerable sector police records check as well as professional and personal references.

Apply By Date: 15/12/2021


Contact Information


Address: 8810 – 65 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta