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President of Mount Carmel Bible College

Mount Carmel Bible College

Edmonton, AB


Job Description: Presidential Prospectus PDF

Mount Carmel Bible College (Mount Carmel) is a 1-year post-secondary discipleship program located in Edmonton, Alberta. Mount Carmel exists to disciple willing Christians to a deeper, more passionate commitment to God and others, expressed through increasing knowledge, love, and service. If you have a heart for young adults, have both spiritual leadership and administrative skills, and are excited by the unique city of Edmonton, please take a look at the job prospectus attached here. Thank you for your time.


Mount Carmel exists to disciple students, and all staff, including the President, are committed to involvement with students inways that will nurture passionate Christian faith and living, both within individuals but also in their faith community. Though their roles vary, all staff are expected to functionas part of a team. The President is responsible for the selection, development, and leadership of the staff team and is also responsible for the overall leadership of the College and reports to a Board of Directors.

A Master’s degree in a relevant field (or being in the process of earning one), will be considered a strong asset.


Spiritual Leadership

  • Ensure the mission of Mount Carmel is realized by modelling a deep and growing commitment to God and others, expressed through increasing knowledge, love, and service
  • Commit to the model of Christian community and teamwork that demonstrates servant leadership and effective integration of faith and vocation
  • Be known as a person of strong character, respected as trustworthy, compassionate, living a life of integrity and consistent with biblical values

Leadership and Vision

  • Lead and encourage staff, including facilitating spiritual formation
  • Continue to develop the vision of Mount Carmel in consultation with the Board of Directors, staff, and the broader Carmel community
  • Function as an ambassador to the broader constituency of Mount Carmel, communicating the College’s vision and mission, building partnerships, and inspiring students, families, alumni, and church leaders to join in the mission and ministry of Mount Carmel
  • Represent Mount Carmel at churches, conferences, and parachurch gatherings, and to other academic institutions (strong public speaking skills are an asset)

Administrative Direction

  • Conduct strategic planning and oversight in order to steward Mount Carmel’s financial resources, including annual budgeting and working with an office manager on monthly monitoring of revenues and expenses
  • Participate in monthly meetings of the Board
  • Oversee the recruiting and fundraisingactivities of the College
  • Oversee management of Mount Carmel’s facility and other assets (e.g.,vehicles, library)
  • Work with staff to plan and deliver retreats and ministry trips

Academics and Student Involvement

  • Provide oversight of Mount Carmel’s program, including academics*
  • Initiate and engage in student community-building and discipleship, particularly one-on-one interactions
  • Participate in most retreats and ministry trips
  • Encourage and maintain discipleship oriented relationships with alumni

*Although the ability and qualification to teach academic courses is not a requirement for this role, it is considered a strong asset


After reading this profile, if you feel your gifts, experience, and vision align with the position described above, we invite you to begin the process of connecting with us.You are free to ask clarifying questions and to probe prior to officially applying for the position, and we would encourage you to do that through the email listed below rather than directly through the College. If necessary, we can set up a personal meeting or phone conversation to discuss matters further. All candidate informationand conversations will be handled confidentially.

A note to prospective applicants:

MountCarmel's board of directors, staff members, and supporting constituents hold to both complementarian and egalitarian views. We continue to operate in unity regarding this secondary issue, however it is currently our written policy and practice to follow a complementarian perspective for the office of the Presidential role. We will be hiring for this role from that perspective.

Please provide the following documents for review:

  • A current résumé
  • A biographical statement, including your testimony and comments on your walk with Christ (1-2 pages)
  • A statement of your theological convictions in response to Mount Carmel’s Statement of Faith (1-2pages)
  • Using what you have learned about Mount Carmel, a description of what skills and experiences in your life lead you to believe that you could bean effective leader of Mount Carmel (1-2 pages)
  • The names and contact information for three people who know you and your values and career well enough that they could comment on your suitability for this role Please submit as a PDF document.

Apply By Date: 31/10/2021


4725 106 AVE NW