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Media & Communications Director

Westview Bible Church

Pierrefonds (Montreal), Quebec


Job Description: Job Decription PDF

We are looking for someone who is passionate about using media and communications to spread the gospel and make disciples. This person must be creative and innovative individual, able to lead the digital ministry and communications at Westview Bible Church.

Overall Objectives:

  • Provide a clear vision and strategy for excellence in digital ministry and communications at Westview that:
  • Connects people to Christ and to the community of believers.
  • Advances the mission, vision and key objectives of Westview.
  • Establishes consistent branding
  • Grows online presence and engagement
  • Lead the creative design and execution of all Westview media and communications. (online and physical).
  • Manage and oversee all social media platforms, website and communication.
  • Innovate and establish new, creative and strategic ways to make disciples through online ministry.
  • Specific Responsibilities:

Content Creation, Management & Communications:

  • Collaborate with staff and key ministry leaders to maintain a schedule for content creation, management and posting of digital and physical communications.
  • Based on communication schedule, oversee production of video, graphic creation, graphic pieces (e.g. cards, banners, publications) and ensure timeliness of review/feedback loop.
  • Collaborate with staff and ministry leaders on special projects and events. (e.g.discipleship conferences, all church events, student or children’s events).- Oversee the development and maintenance of new church website and potentialfuture projects (e.g. mobile church app.)
  • Manage the posting of all created content.- Manage social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Ensure effective day-to-day operation of all digital ministry and communications.
  • Establish a style guide for all communications and media at Westview.
  • Design and execute specific community marketing initiatives.

Media Resource Team Development:

  • Develop a diverse resource team that will accomplish Westiew’s vision for communications and media (This team could consist of graphic designers, marketing professionals, writers, videographers, photographers, audio and videoproducers etc.)

Research & Innovation:

  • Research new and innovative ways to leverage digital tools for more effectiveministry.
  • Develop training for the staff as necessary.
  • Assess current media and communications strategies for effectiveness in making disciples and growing Church community, implementing changes where necessary.


  • Weekly staff meeting
  • Meeting with supervisor
  • Reporting to: Lead Pastor
  • Charlie Salamone
  • Other meetings as necessary (Occasional evenings)

Essential Qualities:

  • A creative person
  • Strong leadership abilities and interpersonal skills
  • Team player
  • Strong commitment to relationship with God and ongoing spiritual, personal and professional growth.
  • Good social-media content/portfolio
  • Experience with popular social media platforms; with a knowledge of audiences and online trends
  • Affirmation of Westview Statement of faith and passion for the church’s mission and vision.
  • Strong organizational and administrative abilities.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Humble leader

Assets to The Role:

  • Background in communications, marketing, tech, media or broadcasting.
  • Skills in technical and/or creative writing
  • Skills in graphic design
  • Skills in photography and/or videography
  • Skills in sound mixing/engineering

How to Apply:

Please send the following to

  • Creative media Portfolio and social media handle(s)
  • Resumé
  • Brief story of personal faith journey
  • Writing sample

We look forward to hearing from you!


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