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Lead Pastor

Park Meadows Baptist Church

Lethbridge AB


Job Description: PMBC Brief History PDF | PMBC Amplified Vision PDF

Status: Full Time
Reports to: Church Board
Salary Scale: $69-79,000


This position will provide general leadership, direction, supervision and oversight for ministries at Park Meadows Baptist Church which will consist of current and future ministries. The Lead Pastor will be responsible for staff development and care. Final salary will be negotiated with the successful candidate and based on CCCC’s national and provincial salary grids.

Pastoral Duties

Those recognized as pastors within Park Meadows Baptist Church should be able to verbalize a sense of a God given calling to a vocation of Christian ministry. They should be able to articulate a theology/philosophy of ministry that shapes their pastoral engagement. They must have gifts that are strategic to the fulfillment of the position description.

The Lead Pastor will serve in three critical roles: shepherd, developer, and manager.


As shepherd this position will develop strong relationships with congregants, staff, and church leadership, with the desire to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus and in their relationship with others. This position will also require the abilities and gifts to communicate God’s Word effectively to audiences of all ages, working with the Elder’s Team to ensure the church remains faithful to the Word of God as outlined in the ABA’s statement of faith.


As developer, this position will ensure board, elders, staff and ministry leaders are purposefully and strategically trained and equipped to minister to the larger church as a whole. The Lead Pastor is also responsible to identify and nurture men and women for future leadership within the church. The vision for this role is to see PMBC become a unified family of believers, equipped to make a difference in the lives of others.


As manager, this position will provide both short-term and long-term strategies and leadership to create and maintain a ministry of excellence. Working with the Church Board, the Lead Pastor is responsible for planning and maintaining necessary policies and guidelines to fulfill the identified vision of PMBC; creating and administering ministry budget lines; and ensuring effectiveness of ministries at Park Meadows Baptist Church. This position is fully responsible for the oversight of all PMBC staff and will ensure all hiring is in accordance with the church constitution.

Key Responsibilities

Give direction to the overall leadership and spiritual direction of Park Meadows Baptist Church – 15 hours/week (approximately 37.5%)

i. Plan and coordinate the pulpit ministry, preaching a minimum of 30 times/year.

ii. Lead the Pastor, Staff, and Elder Teams. This includes regularly facilitating each team meeting.

iii. Report in a regular and timely fashion to the Church board.

iv. Review content for online and printed resources, vision planning, and contributing to church-wide events and initiatives.

v. Lead the Staff Team.This includes facilitating regular staff meetings as well as meetings when deemed necessary.

Oversee Park Meadows Worship Focus – 5 hours/week (approximately 12.5%)

i. Give direction to PMBC’s worship services, working with the Ministry Leaders to coach and develop team members.

ii. Co-Lead regular meetings with team leaders to provide and receive input and evaluation on our current worship services.

Oversee the discipleship ministries of Park Meadows Baptist Church – 5 hours/week (approximately 12.5%)

i. Work with staff and ministry leaders to provide relevant resources and opportunities for those in the church family to grow and strengthen their personal relationship with God.

ii. Ensure a clear strategy is developed to support an effective and growing discipleship ministry.

Initiate and provide pastoral care to the Park Meadows Baptist Church family – 5 hours/ week (approximately 12.5%)

i. Ensure visitation of the sick and hospitalized.

ii. Work with the Elder’s Team to connect with new and current congregants, ensuring that baptismal and membership classes are held on a regular basis.

iii. Perform official clergy duties such as weddings, funerals, and baby dedications.

Dedicate time to personal development – 5 hours/week (approximately 12.5%)

i. E.g., Reading, attending conferences, taking courses.

Administrative duties – 5 hours a week (approximately 12.5%)

i. E.g. record keeping, financial management of assigned budget lines.

ii. Ensure a church budget is developed and followed upon approval by the church board.

iii. Supervision of pastoral and support staff.

Preferred Qualifications and Attributes:

Masters of Divinity or equivalent (preferred)

Church Leadership: Experience leading ministries within a local church.

Leader of Leaders: Able to develop and lead staff who in turn lead volunteer leaders. Public Speaker: Skilled and experienced communicator

Disciple-maker: Able to coach followers of Jesus in taking next steps in their spiritual growth.

Team Player: Thrives in a team environment and enjoys collaborating with others on projects.

Innovative: Able to identify needs and initiate new projects and directions.

Flexibility: Able to adapt, take necessary risks with a team, even with little advance notice.

Time Manager: Able to oversee multiple ministry areas and initiatives simultaneously. Tech skills: Work efficiently within a PC environment and quickly learn new software and features.

Other Relevant Skills – Writing, networking, partnering with outside organizations, marketing.

Character and Behavioural expectations

Perfection is not expected; growth is. Leaders are expected to strive to “live a life worthy of the calling they have received” (Eph. 4:1). Some of the characteristics evident in an effective leader include:

Committed to a growing, dynamic, and personal relationship with Jesus. Includes personal spiritual practices such as reading God’s Word and having an active prayer life.

Humility and a strong desire to continue learning and growing both professionally and personally.

Committed to the larger church family and maintaining unity. Models life lived within community.

Fierce commitment to honesty and truth in both leadership and personal life.

Prioritizes healthy relationships with family, including spouse if married.

Prioritizes healthy relationships with others outside of the ministry, such as close, meaningful, friendships.

Confession of Faith

All Park Meadows Baptist Church staff shall be in full agreement with the Park Meadows Baptist Church Mission, Vision and Values, as well as the North American Baptist Conference Confession of Faith.


This job description is intended to convey information essential to understanding the scope of the job and the general nature and level of work performed by individuals within this job. However, this job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of qualifications, skills, efforts, duties, or responsibilities associated with the position.

Apply By Date: 30/09/2021


Contact Information


Phone: 4033274422

Address: 2011 15 Avenue N
Lethbridge AB T1H 5J4