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Family Life Pastor

Southside Church of the Nazarene

Edmonton AB


Job Description:

The Southside Church of the Nazarene is committed to fulfilling our call to minister in an excellent manner according to the needs of our entire congregation and surrounding community through the enabling of the Holy Spirit. Recognizing the importance of children, youth and families within the body of Christ and observing the growing number of families with children and youth within our community, Southside Nazarene endeavors to employ a staff person who will give focused attention to the development of relationships and ministries to children, youth and families within our church and reaching out in our community. In keeping with our local vision of, “Rooting in God, Growing in Christ and Reaching out through the Holy Spirit” as we desire to live out our denominational mission of “Making Christ-like Disciples in the Nations”. The Family Life Pastor will focus on nurturing spiritual development for children, youth and families, integrating young people into the life of the church and developing ways to reach out in Christ’s name to families within our community.

The following job description and ministry expectations will outline the duties of the Family Life Pastor.


  • Minimum post-secondary level education at a diploma level or higher required.
  • Area of study focusing on one of or combination of Theology, youth and children’s ministry, religious studies, leadership in ministry, education or comparable field of study.
  • Combination of candidate experience/ training qualifications may be considered as equivalent for meeting education criteria
  • Verifiable references must be provided
  • Staff member must be in agreement with and willing to adhere to the values and beliefs of the Church of the Nazarene as stated in the “Articles of Faith” and “Covenant of Christian Conduct” of the Church of the Nazarene.
  • Must be able to fulfill and willing to administer the requirements of the Abuse Prevention Policy of the Southside Church of the Nazarene. (Policy will be provided to all applicants)


The following are not required but would be counted as assets in considering candidates for this ministry position

  • Previous experience in ministry leadership roles, education or equivalent leadership context would be an asset.
  • Experience working with young people.
  • Experience working with volunteers.
  • Administrative abilities/experience
  • Ability to listen, have a teachable attitude.
  • Can respond to authority and direction from supervisors.
  • Able to work in a team environment.
  • Able to prioritize time and manage multiple ministry demands.
  • The ability to communicate effectively verbally, and in writing.
  • Proficiency with various technologies including both hardware and software application.
  • Preaching experience is an asset but not required

Time Requirements

  • The part time ministry role will be a 20-25 hrs. /week, salary based position. • Due to the fluid nature of a part time ministry position, the Family Life Pastor must be aware of the varied time requirements of this ministry role and able to adjust his/her schedule accordingly. The Family Life Pastor must be able and willing to work days/evenings and occasionally over nights depending on the particular demands of the ministry.
  • Holidays, days off and pastoral care arrangements will be further clarified in the written understanding.


  • The Family Life pastor ministry position will be compensated in the form of an annual salary package.
  • Salary package details (including benefits) will be outlined in the written understanding between the Family Life pastor and Southside Church of the Nazarene.
    Ministry Duties
    • Spiritual care for our young families: (Such as visitations and offering resources for parents to aide discipleship in the family etc.)
    • One on one and group discipleship/Bible study for pre-teens/teens
    • Organize Children’s Sunday School, teach in both classes (one class per month) and recruit/equip volunteers
    • Take time for Preparation and Administration for the role
    • Take the lead in regards to Child protection policies.
    • Lead and organize a kid’s midweek community club.
    • Summer- Pastoral Visit with kids, teens during school holidays, VBS possibilities, community outreach involving kids/teens

Expected extra activities:

  • Spend time in prayer and personal growth spiritually.
  • Be an active Southside Church member (participate in a connect group, attend fellowship gatherings, etc.)

Denominational District Opportunities Activities:

  • The Family Life Pastor will be encouraged to promote and participate in all activities offered through Canada West District Nazarene Youth International (i.e.: camps, SNAZ party, etc.)

Ministry team development

  • The Family Life Pastor will gather and coordinate a small team that will meet regularly for the purpose of leadership development and participation in planning and organizing of children’s ministry activities

Relational Ministry Objective

  • The Family Life Pastor will actively visit (in person) with children, youth and families on an ongoing basis in order to develop strong bonds and relationships with families within the church and community.
  • The Family Life Pastor will strive to maintain an open line of communication with parents of youth and children involved in church programming.

Community Involvement Opportunities

  • The Family Life Pastor will work with the Senior Pastors and Church Board to help explore, develop and plan for opportunities for the church family to be involved in serving community needs.

Ministry Team Participation

  • The Family Life Pastor is seen as a vital part of the ministry team at Southside Church of the Nazarene and is invited to contribute as a member of the team. Team participation includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Opportunities for preaching
    2. Collaborating on church wide ministry projects
    3. Involvement in intergenerational church family ministry opportunities Contribution to creative planning and visioning for worship service
      and ministry direction with the Senior Pastors.
  • The Family Life Pastor will take part in weekly ministry team meetings with the Senior Pastors to discuss activities, ministry direction and shared vision

Professional development

Recognizing the necessity to consistently grow in knowledge and hone skills for ministry, professional development is a requirement for all staff persons.

  • The Family Life Pastor is required to take advantage of at least one professional development opportunity per year. (Non-Nazarene is acceptable)
  • The Family Life Pastor is to take advantage of the education/retreat budget for their further development.
  • In addition, the Family Life Pastor will also be encouraged to participate in professional development opportunities offered through the district SDMI &/or NYI (i.e.: Sunday School convention, NYI Connect conference).

Accountability and Administration

The Family Life Pastor will be directly accountable to the Senior Pastors as per regulations stated in the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene.


  • A monthly report will be submitted by the Family Life Pastor to the Senior Pastors and Church Board pertaining to the activities of the children and youth and how these fulfill the expectations of the written understanding.
  • The Family Life Pastor will submit a report annually to the church annual meeting. This report will contain data and statistics pertaining to the ministry area, accounts of events and highlights of the year and ideas/vision for the future direction of ministry.

Written Understanding

A Written Understanding will be developed, with consultation from the Senior Pastors and Church Board and will adhere to the requirements for staffing from the Canada West District Church of the Nazarene. The written understanding will help to:

  • Define parameters for ministry
  • Serve as a tool for accountability and helpful staff review
  • Outline details and establish a mutual agreement upon the terms of remuneration, holidays and other staff care issues
  • Establish ministry goals and direction.

Written Understanding to be renewed annually and approved by Senior Pastors and Church Board and filed with the Canada West District Church of the Nazarene.


An initial 6 month review will take place with the Senior Pastors and some members of the Board. An annual review of the Written Understanding and fulfillment of expectations will take place between the Family Life Pastor and Senior Pastors. The annual review will serve as the grounds for the renewal of the written understanding as per the guidelines set forth by the Canada West Church of the Nazarene.

Apply By Date: 01/05/2021


Contact Information


Phone: 780-437-2217

Address: 10712 29 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
T6J 5H7