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Director of Worship Ministries

Bethel Community Church

Edmonton, AB


Job Description:


Visioning: In cooperation with the Lead Pastor establish and promote Bethel’s vision & values for corporate worship

  • Meet regularly with worship leaders for prayer, conversation and direction-setting
  • In collaboration with pastors and Shepherding Elders, provide leadership and direction for Bethel’s corporate celebration of the sacraments
  • Collaborate with Pastors, Director of Children’s Ministries and Director of Youth Ministries to foster meaningful intergenerational & family worship
  • Create an “expectations” document for all worship ministry personnel

Volunteer Management: Encourage, empower and equip worship ministry volunteers to fulfill ministry purposes & serve Bethel through worship

  • Support, train, mentor, and seek out potential volunteers for all worship-related positions
  • Promote and foster leadership/skill development for ministry servants
  • Provide ongoing support, guidance and feedback to worship leaders and service planners

Planning: Oversee weekly worship service planning in collaboration with pastors & worship leadership

  • Meet with pastors to plan future message/worship series
  • Explore and implement creative elements for worship - including music, scripture, prayer, testimony, video, drama, dance and other creative arts
  • Plan and organize creative worship expressions for the seasons of the Christian year (i.e. Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  • Communicate necessary information/details to worship leaders, sound & media teams, prayers of the people team & service hosts, equipping them for effective leadership
  • Contact and schedule guest worship leaders
  • Manage requests for Sunday morning ministry announcements
  • Give leadership to the bands who play for Sunday worship, and lead a team regularly modelling effective leadership, song selection, band dynamics, musical expectations, etc.
  • Organize worship for congregational meetings, and other meetings as required
  • Organize stage and sanctuary seasonal décor with design volunteers
  • Prepare and distribute worship schedules to all ministry servants
  • Oversee preparation for communion services


  • Emotionally healthy, spiritually mature and practices the spiritual disciplines
  • Musically gifted
  • Theologically grounded
  • Wholeheartedly affirms the core beliefs of the Christian faith and humbly submits to the authority of the Bible as God’s divinely inspired Word and the rule for our lives.
  • Has the spiritual gifts of creativity, administration, serving
  • Strong communication, presentation, written, and interpersonal skills
  • Competent computer skills (organizational and administrative)
  • Well-versed in audio and visual components for in-person and online worship
  • Joy and enthusiasm in serving
  • An encourager and motivator
  • Displays discernment, wisdom and discretion
  • Able to encourage, recruit and network; manage time, oversee a budget and finances well; communicate effectively both verbally and written; maximize existing and search out new resources for effective ministry
  • Ideally a proven track-record as effective leader; stability in life and vocation
  • Must be willing to become a member of Bethel Community Church

Time Commitment:  24 hours per week

Reporting:  Directly to Lead Pastor

To apply, please send cover letter, resume, and references to