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Chief Executive Officer – Maplewood Care Society

Maplewood Care Society

Abbotsford, BC


Job Description: PDF of Long Job Description


Maplewood Care Society seeks an experienced Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to provide overall leadership, direction and administration in accordance with the Strategic Plan and in alignment with the Vision, Mission and Values of the organization. Reporting to the Board President, the CEO will model values that are in harmony with the values of Maplewood Care Society and its Board of Directors when representing the organization in the Fraser Valley and BC Health Communities and when building positive partnerships within the community and with stakeholders.


Under the general direction of the Maplewood Care Society (MCS) Board, in alignment with the Vision, Mission and Values of the organization, and in accordance with the Strategic Directions Plan, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) provides overall leadership, direction and administration to MCS operations including all components of MSA Manor, Maplewood House long-term care, Day Program for Older Adults (DPOA) and caregiver support services, and all Society development and expansion. The CEO upholds appropriate conduct and the Society’s standards and boundary principles to safeguard both the integrity and reputation of the Society. The CEO carries out these responsibilities as follows:

  1. Assists the Board in its governance role through the provision ofreports, draft policies, advice on Board procedural issues (rulesof order), resource support to committees, and arrangements for Board education.
  2. Represents and conveys the values of MCS and its Board ofDirectors to the senior leaders, staff, contracted service providers,residents, clients and families as well as to external agenciesand partners.
  3. Develops, updates and implements a Board-approved Strategic Directions Plan, aligning organizational and operational priorities with the Plan to achieve its goals within the approved timelines.
  4. Ensures a safe working environment for staff and a safe living and visiting environment for residents and clients.
  5. Develops, updates and implements a Board-approved organizational structure.
  6. Ensures that appropriate policies and procedures are in place to achieve effective Quality Improvement and Risk Management programs as well as optimal resource utilization throughout the organization.
  7. Directs the preparation of annual operating, capital and project budgets and long-range financial strategies that comply with Board expectations and generally accepted accounting principles, and that will achieve the objectives of the organization.
  8. Leads long-range planning initiatives and provides executive leadership to capital projects and fundraising.
  9. Ensures that the organization is in compliance with alllegal requirements arising from the MCS Constitution & Bylaws, legislation, regulations, municipal by laws, contracts and agreements, and applicable government, health authority and licensing policies.
  10. Establishes and maintains effective communication and relationships with MCS members, supporters, donors, health authorities, community and government agencies, other healthcare organizations, the media andthe general public.


  1. Leads regular MCS senior leadership and other team meetings to:
    • Address MCS priorities in relation to the Strategic Directions Plan
    • Ensure the effective operation of the sites, programs and services
    • Set the direction for site-and organization-wide issues
    • Plan for upcoming opportunities, challenges and projects
  2. Ensures that the current senior leadership team and appropriate organizational structures are in place. Develops and maintains sound organizational plans and business practices, including delegation of responsibility, accountability and authority for the assigned function to the members of the senior leadership team. Evaluates the performance of the senior leadership team and other direct reports.
  3. Leads the development process of annual budgets and financial strategies to ensure solvency and adequate resources for the delivery of care support services in the most efficient manner without compromising the quality of care and services.
  4. Through the MCS senior leadership team, ensures effective planning and development of resident care and client programs and services, ongoing staff education, adoption of “best practices” to achieve the best quality for the least cost and harmonization of policies and procedures across the organization.
  5. Promotes a work-life culture that fosters harmonious working relations at senior leadership, administrative, supervisory, and front-line staff levels, and that respects the uniqueness of each site, program, and service. Maintains and supports effective working relationships with Medical Coordinators, the medical staff and contracted service providers. Ensures that all contractual, compensation and employee programs are aligned to effectively attract and train competent persons to deliver high-quality care and support services.
  6. Participates in Board and Committee meetings and activities, providing reports on short, medium and long-range plans, ongoing operations, financial status and projections, provincial and regional developments in healthcare, and any other issues relevant to the Board’s governance role. Interprets and implements policies and decisions approved by the Board.
  7. Ensures the ongoing development of continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiatives and risk management practices, consistent with the standards of Accreditation Canada, through the MCS senior leadership team, committees and policies.
  8. Consults with legal counsel, the senior leadership team and other resources to ensure compliance with all applicable legal requirements pertaining to the Society and Board, the operations and business dealings of the organization, MCS property, and the residents, clients and staff of MCS.
  9. Develops and maintains effective public relations initiatives, ensuring that the interests of MCS are advanced at Society, community, health authority, and political levels, and that the appropriate communications are maintained.
  10. Directs all fundraising and donor stewardship associated with the Society.
  11. Performs other related duties.



  • Graduation from a Masters level program in Health Care and/or Business Administration.
  • Qualifications for membership in the Canadian College of Health Leaders.
  • Minimum of 10 years recent related experience in a senior executive position preferable in health care or the equivalent combination of education and business administration experience.

Philosophical Alignment:

  • Personal beliefs and values that are in harmony with the values of Maplewood Care Society and its Board of Directors.

Skills & Abilities:

  • Demonstrated effective leadership, planning and organizational skills.
  • Demonstrated effective written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective interpersonal working relationships with external contacts and the MCS Board and foster the same at all levels in a complex organizational and operational environment.
  • Skilled in the use of technology required to carry out the duties and functions of the position.

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Apply By Date: 30/10/2020


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