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Senior Pastor - Stone Ridge Fellowship

Stone Ridge Fellowship Baptist Church

Halifax, NS


Job Description: PDF Long Job Description

Senior Pastor - Stone Ridge Fellowship Baptist Church

An executive search conducted by Nelson/Kraft and Associates.

Executive Summary

StoneRidge Fellowship Church is an evangelical Baptist church that places a strong value onbiblical teaching and holds God’s Word as the highest and best authority for people’s lives. As a thriving community of believers, we highly value relationship with each other and ourcommunity.

We are a multi-generational church with an average Sunday morning attendance of 300 - 400 and are well positioned for continued growth in the coming years.

We are seeking a highly relational and collaborative Senior Pastor who is an effective communicator of Biblical truth in a culturally relevant manner that will inspire transformational change. He will have a shepherd’s heart for the church and a passion for what makes StoneRidge and our surrounding community unique.

The Senior Pastor will develop the leadership potential of our staff, as well as our lay leaders. Working closely with the Board of Deacons and with engagement of the congregation, he will collaboratively cast vision.


Our Beginnings - Since 1976, StoneRidge has been a Fellowship Baptist Church with a strong evangelical focus. We are characterized as a gospel centered church filled with welcoming, authentic believers growing in their walk with Christ who have a passion to reach the lost. As a result, people have come to Christ, leaders have emerged, and the church has been blessed, expanding its facilities and ministries.

Recently - Over the past 10 years, our church experienced many transitions and significant  changes which have been unsettling. At the same time, there remains a core of servant hearted people and many wonderful new people have joined our congregation. This provides confidence as we trust that God still has great plans for StoneRidge.

Moving forward - We understand the need for improved church health and trust that as we seek the Lord’s leading and follow His will, He will grow and bless us. We look forward to having a visionary and collaborative senior pastor and we will continue to strategically plan for our future. To assist with this, we must learn from the past, be true to who we are today, and setdirection for the future.

Stone Ridge Essentials:

  • We must remain rooted in prayer and dependent upon God with strong biblical teaching.
  • We must maintain a strong evangelistic focus, influencing our vision, mission and why. The desire to see others saved through Jesus Christ is a priority
  • .We are a multigenerational Fellowship Baptist Church desiring to be accepting of diversity. We maintain a conservative theology, appreciate diversity in expression of worship, and are understanding of differing views on non-essential doctrines.
  • Children and youth need to be prioritized as members of our church. The overall health and growth of our church will reflect that of our youth.
  • We seek balance in our approach:
    • Programs and events are created to be exciting, vibrant and engaging; balanced with intentional Bible teaching and a focus on the gospel.
    • We recognize the importance of gathering together on Sunday mornings. Sunday services are a focal point of our week; engaging both regular attenders and visitors in worship and Bible-based preaching.
    • Worship style needs to be modern and culturally relevant, as well as respectful of our multigenerational congregation.
    • Preaching must encourage and inspire Christians to a deeper understanding of the scriptures and life change, as well as present the gospel in an engaging way to unbelievers.
    • Excellence of production is appreciated, yet opportunities for people to serve must be prioritized over perfection.
  • We are a FAMILY. Small group involvement and serving together is strongly encouraged so that a warm sense of fellowship and care can be experienced by all. We must model authentic Christian love for each other and those around us. We are thankful for the abundance of servant hearted people and we must continue to seek opportunities foreveryone to serve in the way they are gifted.
  • We believe God will bless and grow SRF and continue to use us as a strong influence for Him. We maintain an outreach emphasis and desire to leverage and share the resources He gives us within our community and world to have great impact for the gospel.


The Senior Pastor shall provide general spiritual oversight, comprehensive leadership of pastoral care of the congregation, and overall guidance of church ministries, staff and lay leadership of Stone Ridge Fellowship Baptist Church.


Spiritual Oversight

  • Set the spiritual tone through his personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Preach and teach the Word of God in a sensitive and relevant manner with the study and preparation necessary to cultivate effective evangelism and discipleship.
  • Direct and watch over the various collective ministries and maintain biblical and doctrinal integrity of the church.

Pastoral Care

  • Pray regularly for the church family, staff and leadership and all areas of ministry.
  • Provide spiritual guidance, instruction and counsel as needed in a caring and compassionate manner.
  • Ensure that pastoral care is provided in an effective and timely manner, grounded in truth and grace.


  • Collaboratively initiate and develop vision for the overall direction of the church and communicate the vision with the objective of motivating the church family to commit to the vision.
  • Work with the Board in the overall leadership of the church. Provide executive leadership including financial oversight for the church staff, and offer support, counsel and encouragement to lay ministry leaders.
  • Oversee the training and development of all church individuals in their areas of discipleship, evangelism, teaching, leadership and service.


  • Demonstrate a clear commitment and personal loyalty to Jesus Christ.
  • Exhibit consistent spiritual and moral character and lifestyle, and the biblical leadership qualifications described in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
  • Agree with the Statement of Faith, By-Laws and Position Statements of Stone Ridge Fellowship Baptist Church.
  • Established track record of strong biblical preaching with a mature understanding of the scriptures.
  • Demonstrated success leading multiple staff within a growing multigenerational church and a history of faithful ministry experience including successful leader of multiple staff within agrowing church.
  • Possess organizational and administrative abilities.
  • Capable of effective delegation, leadership development and interpersonal relationships.
  • Ordained or eligible to be ordained within The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada.
  • While a Masters of Divinity degree is preferred, consideration will be given to candidates with a minimum of a diploma/degree in Biblical Studies (or equivalent). The successful candidate must demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning together with personal and professional development.

Apply By Date: 11/08/2020


Contact Information


Phone: 778-982-4427

Address: 3312 McKinley Dr., Abbotsford, BC V2S 8M8