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Athabasca Evangelical Missionary Church

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As the result of a retirement, the Athabasca Evangelical Missionary Church is looking for a pastor who is grounded in the Word of God and able to shepherd the flock of God, while being led by the Holy Spirit.  The pastor will work effectively with the Elders and Church Board, being open to sound biblical advice from these spiritual lay leaders.  Doctrinal views consistent with those of the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada are an important consideration.  The pastor, together with the Elders and Church Board will lead in setting and carrying out the vision and mission of the church. 

The Search Committee is taking an open stance in regards to education while still holding it as an important consideration.  The Committee will want to discuss current and future education in detail with all applicants selected for the next steps in the candidate process.  The Pastoral Search Team is open regarding years of experience, with a focus on the attributes and skills that the congregation and leadership ranked as most important.  They are set out below:

Attributes and skills:

  • Effective communicator of the word of God, both in preaching and expository teaching.
    • Communicates God’s word and reveals the person of Jesus Christ with clear relevant preaching and teaching, both encouraging and challenging congregants.
    • Provides an emphasis on the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit
  • Ability to relate to people of all ages
    • Respected by each generation.
    • Able to relate in a healthy manner with those inside and outside congregational life.
  • Effective shepherding, pastoral care and servant leadership
    • Attentively provides pastoral care and counseling to congregants.
    • Notices and responds to those in need, in the congregation and beyond, with a generous spirit.
    • Provides guidance and support in the development of lay leaders.
  • Committed to prayer leadership
    • By personal example, demonstrates to the congregation, the necessity and fruits of a devoted private prayer life, thus ensuring that the Word of God is preached, taught, and lived effectively.
    • Provides inspirational leadership thereby bringing the congregation to a greater faith and involvement in corporate prayer, with effective results.

The Pastoral Search Team will receive submissions of interest until the position is filled.

Please submit cover letter, resume and references to Chair Ron Epp at