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Lead Pastor

Town + Field Church

Langley, BC



Town + Field Church Vision [What we hope to see]:

All people experiencing abundant life through the way of Jesus in their every day.

Town + Field Church Mission [What we seek to do]:

Join God in the restoration and renewal ofall things – in our lives and in our world.

Lead Pastor Purpose:

The Lead Pastor’s role is to ensure the actions of Town + Field Church [i.e. its leaders and body] are successfully aligned with church vision and mission. This purpose is achieved through the strategic development and empowering of leadership; a thriving church staff team, vision/mission-aligned preaching and teaching, multiplication and releasing of lay leaders, mission strategy development, assurance of congregational care, and consultation with the congregation and community representatives.

Key Job Functions: [% reflects relative time allocation within the role]

Lead, develop, mobilize and reproduce leaders [40%]:

  • Provide high-level leadership to a thriving, broad staff team
  • Within budget constraints, ensure and/or recruit a mission-effective senior staff team; oversee their roles and undertake annual assessments on individual performance
  • With the assistance of the Personnel Committee, and in consultation with senior staff, devise senior staff personal development plans
  • Oversee the senior staff team in the assessment and development of the broader staff team
  • Oversee the recruitment and selection of new staff when required
  • Ensure recruitment and development of lay leaders, including strategic ministry leaders and elders

Develop and lead vision/mission-aligned preaching and teaching [40%]:

  • Develop and preach 3 Sunday sermons per month, on average
  • Identify/recruit/give leadership to a qualified Sunday-service preaching team that covers the pulpit ministry when the Lead Pastor is not preaching

Lead Strategic Planning Process and Assessments for mission fulfillment [10%]:

  • Oversee process of mission strategy development
  • Oversee leadership-team-assessment of mission strategy effectiveness

Ensure active and effective pastoral care [7%]

  • Provide pastoral care in terms of weddings, hospital visits, funerals, emergencies and initial counselling referrals
  • Ensure provision of congregation care also happens through the actions of church staff, lay leaders and other congregation groups

Ensure effective assessment and congregational feedback opportunities [3%]:

  • Along with the Elders Board, oversee development/delivery/assessment of annualcongregation consultations regarding vision attainment and mission effectiveness
  • Oversee consultation with community representatives associated with church missional efforts


To successfully fulfill his role, the Lead Pastor directly interacts with the Elders’ Board, the senior staff, other church staff, and ultimately interacts with the congregation.

  • The Lead Pastor is a member of the Elders' Board, reporting monthly to the Board.
  • The Lead Pastor is the Supervisor to the senior staff. He provides the Board with an annual evaluation of senior staff members. In consultation with the Personnel Team, he includes any recommendations for adjustments to job descriptions and additions or terminations of staff.
  • The Lead Pastor interacts with the congregation through his pulpit ministry, pastoral care,participation in annual congregation consultations, and reports submitted at annual congregational meetings.

Decision Making:

  • The Elders’ Board, in consultation with the Lead Pastor and church staff, is responsible for identifying church vision, mission, and in consultation with the Lead Pastor and SST, vision/mission ends. The Board connects with church staff and operations through the Lead Pastor - they do not give instructions to those reporting to the Lead Pastor. The Lead Pastor is delegated mission planning and execution (developing plans and measurable objectives to achieve the ends), has the authority to make decisions to accomplish the ends, and is held accountable for outcomes and problem solving.
  • The Lead Pastor has authority for all actions to accomplish vision, mission, and the strategic plan unless restricted by the church by laws or the Board. Limitations shall be established between the Board and the Lead Pastor based on Lead Pastor experience and capacity.

Working Conditions:

Lead Pastor work-load will primarily be performed from a work space at the church [on average, 4 work days per week]. Off-site/remote work may be undertaken approximately 1 work days per week.

  • The environment is fast-paced with multiple conflicting deadlines and significant consultation/collaboration with the senior staff team
  • Local travel may be required from time to time to attend out-of-office meetings and events.

Training, Experience, Competencies, & Characteristics:

1.Education and Training:

  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • Graduate training in Christian theology required; Masters in Divinity preferred

2. Professional Experience:

  • Minimum of 5 Years full-time experience in a church staff position
  • Demonstrated experience leading a multi-staff team
  • Demonstrated experience in pulpit-based preaching
  • Demonstrated experience in the development, implementation, and assessment of church mission strategy

3. Competencies [demonstrated knowledge, skills/abilities]:

    Administrative Leadership

    • Knowledge of meeting procedures
    • Capacity to provide leadership in a climate of delegated tasks [e.g. ensures staff possess capacity to recruit and empower key volunteers]
    • Clearly communicates goals/objectives; allows staff to self-organize for goal/objective attainment
    • Ensures and employs systematic procedures to evaluate staff performance in accord with goals and objectives
    • Knowledge of organization budgeting processes; facilitates appropriate resource acquisition and use in ministry

    Team building skills:

    • Proven ability to relate to and motivate others
    • Listens with the intent of understanding
    • Asks questions to uncover needs
    • Promotes an environment of information sharing
    • Demonstrates flexibility to change opinion
    • Provides safety for trial and error
    • Creates a feeling of succeeding and failing together
    • Reads situations quickly, finds common ground, and secures cooperation

    Preaching and Teaching

    • Commitment to interpreting and teaching the Scriptures and theological concepts within Evangelical Free Church parameters
    • Commitment to preparing original sermon outlines and content
    • Capacity to preach God’s word with urgency and conviction
    • Commitment to integrate biblical knowledge, theology, etc. into ministry and daily living
    • Forms and fosters the development of a Sunday-service preaching team

    Mission Strategy Development and Assessment

    • Effectively analyze the church and community so as to determine needs
    • Able to conceptualize mission-related strategies
    • Concentrates efforts on the most important priorities
    • Effectively explains reasoning behind strategy

    Pastoral Care

    • Ability to develop a systematic plan for congregational care with attention to those with special needs [e.g. illness, bereavement, family problems]
    • Effectively conducts weddings and funerals
    • Ensures effective ministry to persons undergoing grief
    • Knowledge of appropriate counselling resources, ability to make appropriate referrals
    • Congregation Consultation/Engagement
    • Encourages appropriate two-way communication between the church membership and church leadership
    • Creates opportunity for members to reflect/comment on challenges/concerns regarding mission strategy and/or the practice of the Christian faith


    • Proficient with Microsoft Word, G-Suite applications (G-mail, Google Calendar, Sheets,Docs, etc.)
    • Proficient with email and other text-based communication mediums

4. Personal Characteristics:

  • Seen as direct and truthful
  • Open to new ideas and approaches
  • Comfortably handles risk/uncertainty/change
  • Does not get upset when things are “up in the air” Sees conflict as opportunity,
  • Shares members struggles with working-out the Christian faith
  • Able to relate to church members who support, oppose, or are indifferent to church mission strategies

5. Spiritual Characteristics

  • Places a priority on evangelism - evidencing particular concern for those who have yet to receive Christ as their saviour
  • Places a priority on prayer
  • Seeks to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit's leading
  • Demonstrates the characteristics of a shepherd - someone who seeks to ensure other's needs are met

The Lead Pastor is required to sign and comply with the Town + Field Statement of Faith, Lifestyle Agreement and Leadership Commitment [see PDF JOB DESCRIPTION] and become licensed with the EFCC.

Town + Field Church offers the Lead Pastor a competitive salary and employment benefits package. Information regarding salary and benefits will be made available to short-listed candidates through the Town + Field Personnel Committee.

The Elders commit to supporting and encouraging the Lead Pastor, and recognize the need for appropriate self-care and a work-pace that is sustainable in the long term. Provision for Lead Pastor professional development and sabbatical leave is available upon Elder review and approval.

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Apply By Date: 30/04/2020


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