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Youth Intern with NewLife Community Church

Lloydminster, SK


Job Description: PDF Internship Info | NewLife Community Church Info PDF

Youth Intern Role

The focus of the Youth Intern will be to Lead the Youth Ministry at NewLife Community Church under the direction of the Lead and Associate Pastor. It is understood that the nature of internship is mentoring and leadership development. Therefore, responsibility will increase with proven competency and confidence. It is the goal of NewLife to assist the intern to grow and learn practical ministry skills and leadership while leading the Youth Ministry at NewLife. It is essential that the intern possess a teachable posture and be receptive to direction, correction, assistance and coaching.


The mission of NewLife Community Church is to help others move up and out in new life in Jesus Christ. The mission applies to the youth ministry specifically in the following ways:

  • Sharing the gospel strategically through the youth ministry
  • Equipping the youth at NewLife to make disciples
  • Providing resources for families to disciple their kids and youth
  • Taking the gospel into schools and our city through the witness and life of our youth
  • Teaching and equipping our youth to read and study their bible with an emphasis on both truth and real-life application.
  • Building safe, welcoming, relationally connected groups where youth and pre-teens are excited to come and consistently move up and out in new life in Jesus Christ
  • Helping the groups grow and see an impact in their own circles of influence because of Jesus Christ

Youth Ministry Leadership

The Youth Intern will lead the Youth Ministry with a team of volunteers. The Youth Ministry will incorporate the following aspects:

  • A Bible-focus, discipleship time for believers to grow and be equipped (moving up)
  • Events designed for outreach for youth to bring friends to where the gospel is shared (moving out)
  • Worship and Connection Events (moving up)
  • Mission and Serving Events (moving out)

Ministry Specifics

  • Initiating and Starting a grade 6-8 ministry at NewLife for outreach and to establish connection for our pre-teens.
  • Leading the grade 9-12 ministry with a focus on leadership development and discipleship so that our youth can effectively reach their peers.
  • Building a eelational environment within our Youth Ministry that creates inclusion and belonging.
  • Recruiting and training volunteers to serve together in a Youth Ministry Team.

Leadership and Spiritual Growth

  • The parameters and specifics of the roles and responsibilities for the internship will be established at an initial orientation meeting. This will be a collaborative meeting with a clear document and map in place at the end. The intern and the church will have a shared understanding of what is expected of each party in this relationship.
  • The intern and Lead Pastor will also meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss leadership, ministry, and personal spiritual matters.
  • The intern will also meet monthly with an appointed Elder for encouragement and prayer.

➢ Ministry objectives will be established at the beginning and midpoint of the internship.

➢ Time-off will be scheduled in advance in agreement with the Lead Pastor.

➢ The intern will be responsible for a full work week and will follow a schedule agreed upon in advance with the Lead Pastor at the beginning of the internship.

➢ The intern is expected to complete all their schoolwork and maintain a respectable academic standing throughout the internship [if enrolled in a program].

➢ The intern will follow the pastoral code of conduct while serving at NewLife Community Church and will establish and follow clear guidelines for their interactions with youth, with volunteers of the opposite gender and with the staff team.

➢ Opportunities to serve in other areas within the church will be available based on competency, spiritual giftedness and the ministry capacity of the intern.

Logistics: The Youth Intern is Considered a Director of Ministry at NewLife Community Church.

Term: Ideally this internship will run from May 2020 to June 2021. The start date may be flexible, but it is preferred that the intern start with ample time to establish relationships prior to the beginning of the ministry year. At the very latest the Intern would start in the last week of August 2020.4

Remuneration: $3000/Month.


Please feel free to call if you would like to discuss this opportunity or send your resume and cover letter to Pastor Mike Nedelko at the email address below:

Lead Pastor:

Mike Nedelko
2611 50 Ave
Lloydminster, SKS9V 2A8

Church Phone: 1-306-825-4444

Cell: 1-587-228-6243