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Associate Pastor with NewLife Community Church

Lloydminster, Saskatchewan


Job Description: PDF Job Flyer | PDF NewLife Community Church Info

The Associate Pastor is accountable to the Lead Pastor and will work as a team member with the NewLife Staff. The focus of the Associate Pastor will be to support the Lead Pastor in helping people move up and out in New Life in Jesus Christ.

The four specific areas through which this will be achieved are:



1. Engagement

Vision for Engagement: to help every person at NewLife Community Church move up in their relationship with God and to assist and equip them to move out to love and serve one another and the world.The Associate Pastor is responsible for the worship component of our weekly service [movingup].

As part of this role, the individual will:

  • Collaborate weekly with Lead Pastor in service planning.
  • Oversee the details and leading of the corporate worship service, with a focus on:
    • congregational engagement in the worship service
    • volunteer involvement
    • leadership development
  • Develop leaders from within NewLife to be involved in worship leadership and technical support.
  • Work with the Directors of Communications and Administration to develop NewLife videos for use within the worship setting.
  • Manage the next-step process for people attending our worship services and train and recruit a team to run that ministry.


2. Assimilation & Leadership Development

Vision for Assimilation: to help every person who attends NewLife Community Church to move into relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ and then grow spiritually in that relationship; and to move into relationship with other believers within the church as they move up and out in new life in Jesus Christ together.

The Associate Pastor is responsible for Next Steps ministry at NewLife Community Church [moving up and out].

As part of this role, the individual will:

  • Train and deploy leaders from within NewLife to start and lead groups for connection, outreach, ministry and special focus.
  • Create and coach a network of Small Groups within NewLife.
  • Implement and administrate the NewLife Next Steps process moving people into relationship with one another and closer to God.
  • Develop a database of available ministry volunteers together with the Directors of Communications and Administration and ensuring they are tracked into ministry training and scheduled.
  • Assist ministry staff team in developing and implementing next steps for children and youth ministries.
  • Implement Next steps ministry for newcomers and visitors at NewLife.
    • Collaborate with Directors of Communication and Administration to ensure everyone who visits NewLife is personally followed up with.
    • Meet with each new believer as soon as possible after they come to faith and help them with their next steps as a follower of Christ.
    • Oversee baptism preparation for candidates.


3. Outreach

Vision for Outreach: to be a church where people can bring their friends, family and co-workers to hear and see the gospel of Jesus Christ in real time. To equip the NewLife church family to share their faith and to be intentionally engaged within their sphere of influence as ambassadors of Jesus Christ.The Associate Pastor will lead the Outreach and Evangelism at NewLife Community Church [moving out].

As part of this role, the individual will:

  • Plan three major outreach events per year, in conjunction with other ministry leaders.
  • Train and provide resources to the church on missional involvement within the community of Lloydminster.
    • Establish missional opportunities available within the social streams of Lloydminster.
    • Highlight missional ministry which our church people are involved in using our communication streams.
  • Ensure there is a link between outreach and the Sunday morning ministry at NewLife.
  • Prayerfully determine the local needs that NewLife can actively get involved in within our immediate neighborhood.


4. Ministry Development

The Associate Pastor will be an integral part of the Pastoral Leadership and the Ministry Leadership Team.

As part of this role, the individual will:

  • Work closely with the Lead Pastor in ministry development and strategy.
  • Assist Lead Pastor in mentoring and supervising youth intern.
  • Preach as requested by the Lead Pastor.
  • Perform Pastoral duties as required: funerals, weddings, child dedications, baptisms and communion.
  • Receive leadership development and oversight as directed by Lead Pastor.


Philosophy of Ministry

The Pastoral staff at NewLife will be committed to a ministry of equipping and releasing the people at NewLife Community Church to serve and lead according to their gifts for the glory of God and the health, vitality and growth of the church.

Delegated authority is given to Pastoral staff to lead and make decisions within their assigned ministry areas. The church will endeavor to resource the team to accomplish the mission and the vision to which God has called NewLife community church to pursue. As such, Pastoral staff are leaders, with a mandate to reproduce leaders for each ministry area at NewLife Community Church.

It is expected that Pastoral leaders will maintain a daily walk with the Lord and walk in holiness and the fear of the Lord. NewLife Pastoral Staff are to be committed followers of Jesus and men who are passionate about the Word of God, and full of the Holy Spirit and devoted to prayer. Pastoral staff should have lives that match with the qualifications for Elders in 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-4.

  • Logistics: The Associate Pastor is a full-time salaried position with the benefit package provided by the Alberta Baptist Association of the NABC.
  • Term: Open with a review of job description each year to realign with gifts, needs of the church and ministry momentum.
  • Remuneration: Salary as per grid.
  • Review: The Associate Pastor will meet weekly with the Lead Pastor as an ongoing leadership alignment plan and will undergo a ministry performance review at six-month intervals.
  • Vacation and Personal Days: Paid vacation and additional ministry time [i.e. camps, mission trips] as approved under the direction of the Lead Pastor.
  • Educational Allotment: The Associate Pastor will be encouraged to pursue ongoing theological training funded by the church in agreement with the Lead Pastor.

Please send your cover letter and resume to, or call NewLife at 306.825.4444 to discuss this opportunity with Lead Pastor Mike Nedelko.