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Lead Pastor

Westview Bible Church

Montreal, Quebec



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Seeking the Lead Pastor God has been preparing for us.

Westview Bible Church is a non-denominational, evangelical church. We are a growing, diverse, multi-cultural family of 450 congregants on a Sunday with an additional +/- 150 people from the community participating in our mid-week church programs. We are based in a suburban borough of the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec. Quebec has long been established as a post-Christian society and is poised to new spiritual awakening to the kingdom of God. As a church, we desire to proclaim the mystery of God and His redemptive power through the death and resurrection of Jesus, that people would come to know Him and be changed increasingly into His likeness as part of His body through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit has been preparing us as a church and board of elders, in humility and unity, to seek out a dynamic, visionary leader, who loves Jesus & intentionally seeks God. The individual we are looking for should be a warm, relational person with strong gifts in preaching and discipleship, to engage the church, by shaping our culture, to ultimately bless our city with love, service and the kingdom of heaven. Proven experience as a lead pastor is essential. Theological education is important.

Key to this role will be the lead pastor’s ability, by God’s grace, to lead in humility and flexibility. The lead pastor will have the challenge of leading our church, as lead pastor and elder, while also sharing and participating on our elders board and senior leadership team as an equal, and at times in submission to the oversight of the elders board.

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