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Lead Pastor

Awaken Church (CBWC)



Job Description: Awaken-Lead-Pastor-Job-Posting.pdf Info Pack: Awaken-Information-Package.pdf

Lead Pastor - Awaken Church

We get it. One person cannot do everything! The job posting you are about to read makes it sound like we are looking for a unicorn. We’re not. We’re in this together and everyone has a part to play, but we do need a Lead Pastor to “drive the bus” in certain areas and collaborate in others. And, we’re excited to learn about who you are – your unique combination of skills and passions. The Lead Pastor will report to the Council and work together with the Elders, ministry leaders, and volunteers to carry out the mission and vision of the church.

The role of Awaken’s Lead Pastor includes 5 key components:

1. Listening to God
Facilitate Encounters with God

Awaken needs someone who can consistently point us to God, and help Awakeners of all ages encounter the Divine – crafting an experience for the congregation to meet God (both on Sundays and otherwise). God is here, but we often need help to see Him. It should be an overflow of the pastor’s personal journey of listening to God, praying, and cultivating a God-honouring life.

2. Leading
Shape the Vision

We desire a pastor who will dream withus and help us uncover who we can be.In a community full of dreamers [and the occasionally disillusioned], this person leads by helping to excite, discern, focus, and direct our dreams.This person will help our community judiciously pull the weeds from our garden of ideas and passions so that the right fruit can grow. We are looking for someone who can catalyze our energies and provide step-by-step direction and leadership.

3. Teaching and Preaching
Communicate Biblical Truth

Awakeners are keen to learn, thoughtful, andengaged, but also frequently opinionated.You will need to boldly deliver incisivemessages with sensitivity. We expect youto be able to preach the whole counsel ofScripture through a generally expositoryteaching style. Your sermons are not merelydevotional but rooted in theological content that has exegetical integrity.

4. Mentoring and Discipling
Develop Leaders and Invest in Kids and Youth

Awaken is full of leaders and learners who desire to grow. Part of the pastor’s role is to ensure that teaching, coaching, and spiritual formation is occurring in the congregation.This is particularly significant with ministry team leaders, as they each steward a group of Awakeners who, in turn, help to lead the church. Additionally, a large portion of Awakeners participate in Table Groups that regularly meet to eat together and share.We desire a pastor who will support these groups.

Awaken loves its kids.
Due to the unique demographics of the church, families with young children are a large majority of the congregation. We’re looking for a pastor who will likewise love and invest in our kids.

5. Shepherding
Provide Pastoral Care

Awaken’s pastor will oversee the shepherding of the church, in partnership with the elders, ensuring that the entire body is cared for. This will look differently depending on the season and the person, but will include things like visiting with families, celebrating new babies, bringing people together for conversation, and meeting people for coffee. Shepherding will involve both holding people to account when they need it, but also building them up when they’re hurting.

In order to achieve the above, it will be essential to...

  • lead and encourage effective communication to support a cohesive Sunday service.
  • work closely with the finance team to prepare annual budgets and oversee church finances.
  • ensure ministry leaders are met with on a regular basis, and chair a quarterly ministry staff meeting;communicate with and support the Awaken ministry leaders in each of their ministry roles.
  • officiate over weddings, funerals, baptisms, communion services, child dedications and other markings of time as appropriate.
  • demonstrate a kingdom mindset and model a lifestyle that includes networking within the broader church, social agencies and the local community (Bowness and beyond).


Awaken has recently adopted a Policy-Governance (‘modified Carver’) structure. As such, the Lead Pastor’s employer and supervisor will be Council, who will be responsible for developing regular performance reviews. The Lead Pastor will also participate on the Elders Team as ‘first among equals’. This team will also regularly check in with the Lead Pastor in regards to personal and family matters, sense of fit, etc.


1. Education:
The Lead Pastor should, at minimum, possess a Bachelor’s degree from a respected Bible college.

2. Experience:
The Lead Pastor should be able to speak to prior leadership roles within and outside the church –particularly in the area of teaching and discipleship. Prior experience in paid pastoral ministry would bebeneficial. We recognize and value a diversity of life experiences and backgrounds.

3. Belief:
The Lead Pastor should be committed to an orthodox understanding of Christian faith and adhere to theCBWC statement of faith as published on their website.

4. Credentialing:
The Lead Pastor should be ordained or eligible for ordination with the CBWC.


Compensation will be commensurate with training and experience; to be fairly negotiated with referenceto the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada guidelines.

Hours per Week

While this is intended to be a full time position, Awaken (as a small congregation) has limited leeway onour financial compensation package. We can be flexible in regards to hours worked and vacation offered,and would also be open to bi-vocational applicants. Situations will be explored on a case-by-case basis.


Applicants are required to include 3 references who can speak to the Applicant’s experience in ministry, skills, and character.


We invite candidates to apply with a Ministry Information Profile (MIP – download from the CBWC webpage to the search committee chair person at

Application Deadline:

The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is selected. Applications will be reviewed as they are received.