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Manager of Personnel and Projects

Evangelical Free Church of Canada Missions

Langley, BC

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Job Description : PDF Job Flyer

Full time position to develop, monitor and improve field strategies to help missionaries accomplish their mission goals and be compliant with CRA

Manager of Personnel and Projects

The Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM) is seeking a motivated and administratively gifted individual to serve as the Manager of Personnel and Projects.  This is a full time position.  A requirement for this position is to have a good understanding of Missiological issues and trends.  Field Missionary experience will also be a significant advantage. This is a new position that has been created in the process of restructuring.

The EFCCM currently has about 86 career missionaries serving in 20 countries. There are also a number of Mission Associates / Affiliates that serve from time to time along with several short termers and teams that go out every year.

Statement of Faith

The Evangelical Free Church of Canada (EFCC) is an association of autonomous churches united in a common commitment to God’s evangel–the gospel of Jesus Christ, who died and rose again to give us eternal life. To God’s glory, the gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. Our essential theological convictions are vitally connected to this gospel.

Purpose Statement

The EFCCM exists to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.  It is the International Ministry Arm of the EFCC.  To learn more about the EFCC please visit

Position Summary

The Manager of Personnel and Projects (MPP) will serve as an integral part of the EFCCM leadership structure providing strategic oversight to all of the field personnel of the EFCCM.  The MPP will be responsible to develop, monitor and improve field strategies and initiatives in order to help our missionaries accomplish the mission, goals and values of the EFCCM, and to be compliant with the CRA. The MPP will assure that each missionary and project is well represented by all means to the supporting constituency. The individual who serves in this role will work out of the EFCCM office in Langley, BC.  He /she will need to raise a portion of the funds needed for salary and benefits by recruiting a support team.   

Key Responsibilities

  1. The MPP will provide leadership with Christ-like humility and compassion that encourages field personnel and leadership to execute their roles with maximum effectiveness.
  2. To assure that Missiologically-sound decisions are made at all levels of field activities leading to the accomplishment of the EFCCM’s mission statement and goals in keeping with our stated core values.
  3. Working closely with a team of Regional Facilitators, the MPP will develop and oversee the accountability structures of all missionaries.
  4. To work closely with the Manager of Mobilization in the orientation and application of new missionaries, especially as they transition to the field.
  5. To communicate with all EFCCM Personnel to assure that every project has a Project Summary on file, and that Project Progress Reports and budgets are filed as required.
  6. To review all new Projects Applications and to assure that they meet with the goals and objectives of the EFCCM.
  7. To review all new Projects Applications and to assure that they meet with the goals and objectives of the EFCCM.
  8. To visit each field on a regular basis (ideally every 2 – 3 years) as budget allows having face-to-face interaction with the missionaries.
  9. Working closely with the Regional Facilitators, the MPP will be the primary conduit of communication between the home office and the field personnel.


For more information, please contact Dave Penner, EFCCM director at or call the office to speak to Dave at 604-513-2183 ext. 3638. Applications will be accepted until June 21st, 2019.

Contact Information

Email : 

Phone : 604-513-2183 ext 3638

Address : 7600 Glover Road
Box 850 Langley Station LCD 1