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Lead Pastor

Christ Community Baptist Church

Puyallup, WA



Job Description: PDF JOB Flyer

Our ideal Pastor would be someone who is passionate about following Jesus. He should be a
visionary leader and effective communicator. The pastor should possess a shepherds heart and be able to relate to people of all ages.

Important Attributes:

We consider the following attributes vitally important for any potential candidate:

Effective Communication –

Romans 10:4 – Communicates God's Word and reveals the person of Jesus Christ with clear relevant preaching and teaching.

Evangelism –

2 Timothy 4:5 – Reveals God’s Good News, both practically and verbally, to people of all cultures inside and beyond our church facility.

Visionary Leadership –

Romans 16:7 – Reads the culture well. Lays the foundation for new ministries. Clearly communicates vision to encourage partnership. Is committed to seeing large numbers of people trust and live for Christ.

Shepherding & Pastoral Care –

1 Peter 5:2 – Attentively provides pastoral care to and counsels the congregation.

Ability to relate to people of all ages –

Luke 2:52 – Is respected by each generation, able to relate in a healthy manner with those inside and outside congregational life.

Pastoral Priorities:

1. Preach and live the gospel

2. Build relationships with attendees

3. Ensure the Church is missional and attractional to all age groups

4. Grow the Church

5. Develop leaders

6. Champion LIFE Groups

7. Encourage incarnational living and community outreach through the body

8. Support continuing ministries


Lead Pastor must be a church member in excellent standing, having demonstrated application of the Scriptures and personifying the standards found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9 and 1 Peter 5:2-4.

Our ideal Pastor would be someone who is passionate about following Jesus. He should be a visionary leader and effective communicator. The pastor should possess a shepherds heart and beable to relate to people of all ages.


I. Personal Life

A. Walk with God

1. Maintain a healthy and spiritual personal worship time every day

2. Develop and maintain accountability with men who will “sharpen your walk”

3. Be a good example of your teaching by demonstrating areas of personal evangelism and of Christ

B. Family

1. Make sure that your relationship with your wife and children are maintained on a level that would be pleasing to God and a good example to others

II. Church Ministry

A. Serve under the accountability of the Elder Board

B. Provide vision for the Church

C. Be the primary preaching pastor

D. Provide oversight for the individual ministries of the church

Deacons and Committee Chair persons

LIFE Groups

Scheduling of new membership interviews

Children’s baptismal classes

New comers luncheons

Benevolence fund

Great Commission Awareness Committee

E. Development of church leaders

F. Seek and secure relationships within the congregation

G. Provide spiritual guidance for CCBC members and attendees

H. Provide pastoral and/or crisis counseling, for the purpose of making assessments and connection of individuals and couples with professional counselors

III. Administrative Ministry

A. Understand and support the CCBC personality and philosophy of ministry

B. Understand and implement the church constitution and Operational and Ministry Policy Manual

C. Know and work within the church calendar and budget

D. Be a team player as far as the entire church staff, elders and ministry are concerned

E. Be accountable to the lay-elders as oversight is given by them

F. Be the point person, leading in the “communication with the congregation” elder policy

Special Notes

Christ Community is located in Puyallup, WA southeast of Seattle. It began as a church plant in 1987and was served faithfully by Pastor Gordon Bauslaugh for 32 years until his retirement. The church averages over 240 in Sunday morning worship and very aggressive mid-week programs.The church is known for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and faithful dedicated servants. LIFE Groups are at the core of our strength and the next pastor should be excited to champion these groups. CCBC has a history of solid Bible based preaching and teaching. The church is associated with the Pacific Northwest Association of the North American Baptists.

More information about our ideal candidates and Christ Community Baptist Church can be found at To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter and your resume or mail it to the church. 

Apply By Date:15/07/2019

Contact Information


Phone: 253-846-3000

Address: 8016 176th St E
Puyallup, WA 98375