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Senior/Lead Pastor


Beulah, ND


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Immanuel Baptist Church is seeking a full-time pastoral leader to guide, cast vision, and become a part of our journey as we seek a closer connection with Christ for both ourselves and our community. The purpose of Immanuel Baptist Church is to Glorify God by: Loving God, Loving People, and making followers of Jesus.

We seek a pastor who loves Jesus Christ and consistently seeks the heart and mind of Christ. He shall have a complete adherence to the Bible and the doctrines of the evangelical faith. He will be a mature believer with moral integrity, honesty, transparency, who is guided by a life of spiritual discernment and prayer. Previous lead pastoral experience preferred.

This involves several gifts or qualifications:


  • A visionary who casts vision & guides in its implementation.
  • A leader who teams with lay leadership to implement the mission and values of IBC.
  • Able to oversee & lead in the coordination of services and meetings.
  • A lifelong learner who is committed to personal & professional growth.
  • Able to recruit and train leadership.

Preaching and teaching

  • An able preacher whose sermons apply expositional biblical teaching to everyday life and challenge us toward a vital relationship with Christ.
  • A faithful Bible teacher who can teach the Bible to various group in various settings.

Pastoral Care

  • A person who will make regular and timely visits with those who are home bound, bereaved, and ill.
  • A listener who offers empathetic understanding of and concern for persons in the routines and joys as well as the crises and transitions of life.
  • A counselor who provides opportunities for individuals, couples, families.
  • A person who is willing & able to facilitate and coordinate corporate prayer.


Summary: The Pastor shall preach the Word of God, administer the ordinances, watch over the membership, promote the spiritual interests of the church, organize and develop it for the best possible service to Christ. The pastor shall be ex-officio member of all boards and committees of the church and its auxiliary organizations.

Qualifications: The Pastor shall have considerable merit in regard to his personal character, education and record of service. He shall demonstrate the ability to lead, offer pastoral care, counsel, administrate, equip, teach and preach. The pastor shall have a complete adherence to the Bible and the doctrines of the evangelical faith. The pastor will seek to fulfill his call to serve God and the church through unselfish devotion and faithfulness to His Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. The pastor shall champion honesty, confidentiality in an atmosphere of love.

Accountability: Within the ultimate headship and authority of Jesus Christ, the pastor will be accountable to work with the moderator, board of Elder-deacons, and the officers of the church as elected by the congregation. The elder-deacons will be the primary officers of the church body who will offer assistance and direction to the pastor in the fulfilling of his responsibilities. Provide regular reports at business & deacon’s meetings.


1. Preaching and teaching through worship and other gatherings. Helping people find peace through Christ an enter into joyful service to Him.

  • Sunday Sermons, primarily by Bible exposition and application.
  • Occasional teaching lessons from the Bible to various groups as well as
  • helping where needed with Wednesday evening program (Faith Weavers).
  • Membership classes

2. Leading, enabling through various ministries designed an being developed to carry out the missions and purposes of our church.

  • Ex-officio member of all committees and boards.
  • Schedule and coordinate all services and meetings
  • Help the ongoing development  and implementation of IBC mission and goals.
  • Help recruit and train leaders for ministry to meet the needs of the congregation.
  • Participate in various ministries and opportunities of service and worship.

3. Care and visitation to families and individuals of the church body and communities offering pastoral services to various needs and concerns in the name of Christ and his body.

  •  Regular and timely visitation of those hospitalized & at Knife River Care Center
  •  Visitation of home bound, bereaved, and ill.
  •  Counseling with individuals and families as appropriately requested.
  •  Prayer: Willingness & ability to facilitate and coordinate corporate prayer.

 4.  Administrative oversight and facilitation of various amenities of the church.

  • Oversee and help in production of the bulletin and correspondence
  • Make sure facilities are accessible and useable, and secure when not in use.
  • Collect and distribute mail and other pertinent information
  • Maintain, communicate and be accountable for regular office hours.
  • Help maintain membership and attendance records


Please send (e-mail) Resume’ to:  Immanuel Baptist Church 

Contact info:

Attn:  Dr. Bruce A Overstreet - Transition Pastor

Immanuel Baptist Church

400 Sunny Drive

Beulah, ND 58523

(701) 873- 4177

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