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Drama Team Member

UpsideDown Productions

Manitoba, Canada



Job Description: PDF Flyer Description

Share the gospel through drama while travelling across Canada. This is a volunteer position, but food and lodging are provided.

Ministry Info

Who We Are

UpsideDown Productions uses the arts to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We arecurrently seeking new faces to join our travelling drama team.What the Mission Trip Will Be LikeEight months on the road, right across Canada and into the United States. You’ll spendthe first three to four weeks at our training facility in rural Manitoba, Canada, learningthe basics of drama and practicing two plays – a Bible story and a missionary biography.

After that, you'll be on the road, performing, teaching and serving in a variety of places.You'll travel right across Canada (usually B.C. to Quebec) and through the States(usually New York to Montana). We use drama as a tool to get into many places that areotherwise hard to reach – schools, soup kitchens, prisons and every kind of church. Youcan expect to perform and interact with every age group and social class. You'll probably share your testimony or a devotional, but we'll help you get ready for that!

We stay in people's homes as we travel, coordinated by local churches. Get ready tomeet new friends and be a blessing in this way!

We aren’t limited to drama. We do service projects, we focus on building relationshipsand we learn about the Gospel and how to communicate it more effectively. Dramaprovides the open door, and then there are an unlimited number of opportunities tobless, encourage and evangelize.

We work very closely with local churches across Canada as well as life-longmissionaries, especially those working with Canada's Native peoples. We want to besupportive of the work that is already going on, and provide long-term connections forthose we meet with. Many of our performances serve as a bridge between a missionary(or mission agency) and an area they have not yet been able to set up long-term work.Other times, we are doing evangelism in a place a church is often connected to but hasdifficulty drawing a crowd (such as a senior's home or prison).

Participant Information & Requirements

Participant Age: 18 Years and Older.


  • We require that you are a follower of Christ, are willing to share publicly.
  • Both Bible college training and drama experience are nice but not required.
  • You must be ready to be a servant to many people in many places.
  • This is an opportunity to tell others about Jesus. We are not here to kick-start any acting careers.

To apply visit:

Apply By Date:  31/12/2018

Contact Information

Kevin Deane


Phone: 1-306-812-6119

P.O. Box 149
Binscarth Manitoba
R0J 0G0