Administration and Staff

Josiah Black Registrar 780-431-5200 
Heather Breitkreuz Wahl Centre Event Coordinator  780-431-5774
Cheryl Burek Administrative Assistant 780-431-8693 
Janice Johnsson Administrative Assistant 780-431-5200
Janine Cooper Enrolment Services 780-431-5200
Keir Hammer White Cross Director 780-431-5200
Rick Heavenor Admissions Counsellor 780-431-5215
Sandy Heavenor Asst. to the President 780-431-5206
Marj Hewitt Director of Finance and Operations 780-431-5264
Becky Hilbich
Director of Development, Church and Alumni Relations 780-431-5276
Ralph Korner Academic Dean, Director of the E P Wahl Centre 780-431-8694
John Liong Accountant 780-431-5232
Leslie Mahr Director, Conservatory of Music 780-757-7540
Alex Muz Facilities Manager 780-913-2240 
Lori Muz Office Administrator 780-431-5201
Teresa Seibel Assistant to the Academic Dean 780-431-5248 
Suzanne Van Herk Marketing Assistant 780-431-5249 
David Williams President 780-431-5207
Tim Willson Director of Communications and Marketing 780-431-5763



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