Taylor Partners with Vanguard College (Edmonton) for Library Services

Taylor is entering into a milestone agreement with Vanguard College to share library resources between the two institutions. This allows both institutions to maximize principles of good stewardship of God's resources while providing significant shared savings to Taylor (likely more than $100,000 per year). 

The arrangement preserves the Schalm Memorial Library collection, provide space and staffing to house and manage the collection, and provides ongoing access for Taylor students. Terms of the arrangement are agreed in principal and details are being finalized to allow students at both institutions access to the enormous holdings through the NEOS system of Edmonton University Libraries. 

Students on the Taylor campus are expected to have full access to NEOS and all the books in the Edmonton University Library System, as well as to the Schalm Memorial Library collection. In addition, a small portion of the books will be stored at Taylor in a reference room that will be located in Benke Hall. All other books can be checked out as before, but will now be stored at Vanguard College. Students who want to 'walk the stacks' can do so through the internet or by visiting Vanguard College (12140 - 103rd Street). 

The relocation of the books will take place during the summer months – a significant project that will involve the coordinated effort of both institutions – and (we hope) volunteers. 

Taylor is excited about this developing partnership with Vanguard College. For years, these institutions have shared instructors and worked together on course and program development projects, and now these two evangelical institutions can more effectively maximize savings while promoting their God-ordained commission to train men and women for service in the kingdom of God.