Dr. Reginald Wayne Bibby is a renowned Canadian sociologist, currently the Board of Governors Research Chair in the Department of Sociology at the University of Lethbridge; he has been conducting pioneering research and analysis into religious trends in Canada for over four decades. He is the author of numerous books and is frequently sought out as an expert by reporters and commentators.

Books by Dr. Reg Bibby
A New Day (2012); Beyond the Gods & Back (2011); The Emerging Millennials (2009); The Boomer Factor (2006); Restless Churches (2004); Restless Gods (2002); Canada’s Teens(2001); The Bibby Report (1995); There’s Got to Be More! (1995); Unknown Gods (1993); Teen Trends with Donald Posterski (1992); Mosaic Madness (1990); Fragmented Gods (1987);The Emerging Generation with Donald Posterski (1985).

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the 2013 E.P. Wahl Lectures

“Seeing More Clearly, Responding More Effectively”

In this day-long lectureship, Dr. Reg Bibby of the University of Lethbridge discussed his research and the subject of his book, A New Day, exploring the changing nature of religious life in Canada, and implications for church leaders.

For decades, church leaders, commentaters and fellow academics have been following Dr. Bibby's research with great interest. In addition to his expert analysis of Canadian attitudes and behaviours, Dr. Bibby has developed some practical responses for churches and church leaders to consider.