Taylor Audio Complete ListonWORD Conference 2010

onWORD Conference 2010

The apostle Paul often began his letters with eloquent prayers that contain vital concepts for anyone interested in authentic, dissident discipleship. At Taylor’s 2010 onWORD Bible conference, Dr. Gary Nelson shared insights from a lifetime of study and pastoral leadership in a series of talks called ‘And this is my Prayer for You... Sorting out what Really Matters for the Church.’

This conference also included a number of extended-aftercare.com workshops and breakout sessions.


onWORD 2010 - Workshop D Bishop Jane Alexander
onWORD 2010 - Session A: Dr. Jeffrey McPherson
onWORD 2010 - Session 3 Dr. Gary Nelson
onWORD 2010 - Session 2 Dr. Gary Nelson
onWORD 2010 - Session 1 Dr. Gary Nelson