Dr. Douglas Moo is the Blanchard Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College and the Chair of the Committee for Bible Translation, responsible for the New International Version (NIV).  Dr. Moo is also an expert on Pauline theology, and is considered one of the leading commentators on the Book of Romans.

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2011 EP Wahl Lectures2011 E.P. Wahl Lectures

Text, Theology, and Translation: Reflections on the Updated NIV, with Dr. Douglas Moo

Session 1: The Obedience of Faith (Rom. 1:5)
Session 2: The Righteousness of God (Rom. 3:21-26)
Session 3: Fighting the Flesh (Rom. 7:5-8:13)
Session 4: Translation and Gender Issues (Rom. 14:1-23)

Dr. Douglas Moo is an expert on Pauline theology, and in each session he related some of his recent work on Bible translation to larger questions raised in the book of Romans.

Dr. Moo led a fascinating exploration of several passsages in the book of Romans while exploring the issues involved in translating the scriptures; specifically, he addressed the changes being made to the NIV, already the most widely used English-language Bible in the world (the new NIV was published in March 2011). Significant work was done on understanding the original languages of scripture, and an unprecedented amount of work was done on current English language usage. Other changes were also made to improve readability of the text.

Approximately 5-percent of the text of the NIV was updated, so these changes are of significant interest to anyone who teaches, preaches, studies and memorizes the Bible.

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