Tyler Williams ('88) is the Senior Pastor of Greenfield Community Church in Edmonton, AB. Previously, he was a professor of Biblical Studies at NABC/Taylor University College, and also served on the faculty of The King's University College (where he remains an adjunct professor). He is married with three children, and is active in the community as a football and soccer coach.

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Listen to a variety of speakers in conversation with members of the Taylor community about issues related to faith, education, culture and more.

onWORD will use the arts as a way to continue a weekly journey through scripture in a series running until June 1. We invite you to come and explore scripture with your mind and your senses -- experiencing scripture in new ways and allowing some pre-conceptions to be challenged!

May 4 - Beauty and Creativity
Tim Willson (Taylor College and Seminary) will open this series on the Fine Arts, exploring creativity as a powerful tool in our journey through Scripture. This shortened session will be followed by film screening of a cinematic masterpiece, Krystof Kieslowski's The Decalogue (episode 1).

May 11 - Mark His Word
Actor Hunter Barnes (Somerset, NJ) performs the entire Gospel of Mark in a moving, memorable and dramatic encounter with Scripture!

onWORD2010-05-18bMay 18 - Bono's Bible
Professor Tyler Williams (The King’s University College) will explore biblical themes in the music of U2. Arguably the biggest rock band in the world, U2 will visit Edmonton in June–making this an excellent time to examine the band’s lyrics in light of scripture.


May 25 - Brush Strokes: Encountering the Risen Christ in ArtonWORD2010-05ART
Dr. Allan Effa (Taylor Seminary) will lead an art meditation, leading viewers through works of art that illuminate biblical texts. These portrayals can shed new light on these familiar passages – come and “see” things that can easily be overlooked. Dr. Effa will discuss the role of art in the history of Christianity, share several important things to look for in Christian art, lead an engaging reading of Scripture, and then delve into three powerful pieces of art. The first will be a 14th century Greek Orthodox icon of the Anastasis or “Resurrection” which is preserved as a fresco in St. Savior Chora’s church in Istanbul. The second painting will be Caravaggio’s oil on canvas Supper at Emmaus dated 1600. The third paining will be Caravaggio’s The Incredulity of Thomas.

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June 1 - The Rich Man and Lazarus: A Lens on Scripture
Rev. Thomas Brauer (Anglican Diocese of Edmonton) will share how Jesus’ parable of the rich man and Lazarus has shaped a unique outreach to Edmonton street kids using photography. Let these photos and scriptures challenge you in fresh ways!

Our Theme:onWORD-conference-logo
The purpose of onWORD is to enjoy Scripture -- to encounter, read, hear, study and enjoy it in various ways (including teaching, music and art). This year, we are delighted to partner with Greenfield Community Church to explore the Bible as story.

The theme of the 2014 onWORD Conference is:
For the Bible Tells Me So: Faithfully Reading the Stories of Scripture

The truth is that God loves stories, and loves to communicate through story. The Bible's stories can be understood and applied in many different ways, and all of our speakers will help us see and consider these stories in fresh and rewarding ways.

As one of our early onWORD speakers said: Scripture is not meant to be consumed in high volume, but is best savored like chocolate. Take a small bite and let it melt on your tongue, enjoying the texture and taste.

Attendees at the onWORD conference come from a wide range of churches, and attendance has grown every year. For this 5th annual event, we extend a warm welcome to you -- Come and join us as we enjoy the Book!

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