• The School of Women in Ministry Partnership

    At Taylor Seminary we believe it is important for theological education to be a system of interconnected parts. That is to say theological education is something that requires seminaries, denominations, local churches, ministry leadership training programs, and more to work together. By working together we are able to more fully represent the Kingdom of God and more fully embrace the unique value each partner brings to the journey of theological education.  As a...


  • A New Pathway for Theological Education

    Taylor has made an exciting step toward the future into which God is calling us!  Upon the recommendation of the seminary’s Vision Task Force and approval of the faculty, Taylor Seminary is now part of the Kairos Project. I (David Williams) couldn’t be more excited. My enthusiasm stems from the fact that this bold step forward creates a new pathway for theological educational that is affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful. The life-changing journey of...


  • About Taylor Seminary and the E P Wahl Centre

    Taylor has been serving students from a wide range of evangelical traditions since 1940. Come and learn with us! Taylor Seminary invites you to join us as a student! Prospective students, start here for an overview on studying with us. If you'd like someone to be in touch via email, click here to request information. Be sure to ask about our online learning opportunities, which allow students to take courses from anywhere in the world. Taylor also...


word_in_2011_coverTaylor is pleased to present a new collection of sermon summaries from the beginning of the year. 

For the second year in a row, we invited pastors and other church leaders to share with us their key thoughts and messages of vision for the new year. Each of these offers food for thought, and we hope you will enjoy this project.

 >>>> Click on the cover at right to read this book online; feel free to download and save a copy, share it with others or post it online, but please note the copyright notice provides free distribution only if the material is kept whole and intact and provided free of charge.


Read submissions from:

Wayne Ayer, West Center Baptist in Madison, SD:  Imagine!  (pg 4)
James Erb, Hollyview Family Fellowship in Portland, OR:  11 in '11   (pg 7)
Marc Maffucci, Quail Lakes Baptist in Stockton, CA:  People Who Go, Grow  (pg 6)
Robert Millman, Grace Christian Fellowship in Edmonton, AB:  New Beginnings  (pg 5)
Jeremy Putz, Central Baptist Church in Edmonton, AB:  Vine and Branches  (pg 9)
Curtis Reimer, College Heights Baptist in Prince George, BC:  Hungering, Thirsting (pg 13)
Ryan Sato, First Baptist Church in Edmonton, AB:  Be Loved, do Love  (pg 12)
Lawrence Schmidt, Renaissance Community Church in Edmonton, AB: With Us & For Us (pg 16)
Jason Shine, Mid-West Baptist Association in Edmonton, AB:  Servant Saints  (pg 10)
John van Sloten, New Hope Church in Calgary, AB:  Largeness of Grace  (pg 11)
Ken Vandermuelen, Thornhill Baptist Church in Calgary, AB:  Focusing on Jesus  (pg 8)
Matt Ziprick, Bethel Lutheran Church in Sherwood Park, AB: The Father's Business  (pg 3)

We hope to collect similar summaries at the beginning of 2012, and we hope you'll share the one key word or phrase being shared in your church when we invite submissions.


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